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26 Mar 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Explore in-depth Law360® Tax Authority articles, more international primary law and CEB® publications

The latest Lexis Advance® content additions include valuable tax law, international primary law and California legal sources.

New! Access in-depth Law360® Tax Authority articles at Lexis Advance®

Now practitioners can be ready and even more confident when advising clients or their organization on tax matters. Law360® Tax Authority provides extensive daily coverage of federal, state and international tax developments. Take advantage of breaking news, in-depth features and deep analysis. Contact your LexisNexis® account representative to add Law360 Tax Authority to your subscription.

Research China & Hong Kong primary law and much more

Here’s how. Select the International tab of the Explore Content pod on the Lexis Advance® home page.

Choose China & Hong Kong and go right to case law, legislation, regulations, treatises, law reviews, news and company information.

Now available! Continuing Education of the Bar • California (CEB®) publications

Get fast, dependable starting points for California research. With 16 Continuing Education of the Bar •

California (CEB®) publications, you can find thorough discussions of relevant law and legal principles. Link to cited case law, codes and more. Even find legal forms and checklists.


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