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8 Apr 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Explore new and integrated international content on Lexis® and Lexis+™

With content available for more than 155 countries, the Lexis and Lexis+ services give you access to one of the most comprehensive collections of international materials used by legal professionals.

With the recent addition of translated primary law from Global-Regulation Inc.*, cases, laws and/or regulations from 19 countries and the European Union are available, including English-language machine translations and original-language source documents—with more coming soon. English-language international primary law is currently available for Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China & Hong Kong, Columbia, El Salvador, the European Union, France, India, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

To view content, go to Explore Content, select the International tab, click View All Countries, and select a country. In Brazil’s menu, shown below, you can see a link to translated laws and regulations from Global-Regulation.

The following table outlines cases, laws and regulations available by country*. The countries listed under New Global Regulations represent all that are currently being added to the system.

Note: Countries in bold are unique either to Lexis and Lexis+ or to Westlaw Edge®.

*Comparisons and statements about the scope of the products and services herein are current as of February 2021.

News and/or company information is available for most covered countries. Numerous news sources from a country are often available, including native language sources and others in English. For example, hundreds of news sources are available for Germany, as indicated below.

For researching international issues in U.S. sources, treaties, current awareness content and more, go to Explore Content in Lexis or Explore in Lexis+ on your home page. Then select Practice Area and International Law. To see this quickly, use this link:

International Law Practice Area Menu

Here you will find a comprehensive collection of U.S. sources pertaining to international law, including federal and state cases, statutes, regulations, secondary sources, forms and more, as shown below.

From Explore on your home page, you can also go to the International Trade & Business Practice Center. Click Practice Area > View Our Practice Centers. Scroll down to Practice Area or Industry and select International Trade & Business.

There you will see top U.S. sources pertaining to international trade and business, including top secondary sources, cases, statutes, regulations, treaties, integrated Law360® news, news and analysis, and more.

For additional information, please contact your LexisNexis® representative.


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