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26 Jan 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Explore new Lexis® and Lexis+™ content and filters

Your Lexis or Lexis+ subscription now provides exclusive access to American Maritime Cases (AMC), a specialized collection of maritime and admiralty cases and curated primary law sources, as well as the in-depth AMC index of maritime topics.

AMC provides authoritative admiralty and maritime resources dating back nearly 100 years, and the publisher has established itself as the go-to source for maritime cases and other materials. After AMC made the decision to close its operation, LexisNexis® reached an agreement with AMC to continue coverage and ensure that our customers and those relying on the AMC service will continue to have authoritative maritime materials to meet their practice needs.

The AMC collection includes the following resources for maritime practitioners:

  • U.S. case opinions from federal and state courts, as well as proprietary AMC headnotes specific to maritime cases
  • Selected decisions from the Federal Maritime Commission
  • Arbitration decisions
  • Selected statutes, acts and treaties
  • Selected international decisions

In addition, LexisNexis offers a comprehensive set of secondary materials and other resources to aid maritime practitioners. You can find it in the Admiralty & Maritime Law Practice Area, available via the Lexis or Lexis+ home screen. Those resources include Benedict on Admiralty, Benefits Review Board Service Longshore Reporter and Society of Maritime Arbitrator Award Decisions. Benedict on Admiralty is the most-cited admiralty treatise, with citations in more than 1,700 federal cases—and the most comprehensive, with 35 volumes written by 30 authors.

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