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18 Oct 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Future Mobility: Investigating regulatory impacts of the digital and fuel revolutions on the transport industry

The transport industry is in the grip of a technological revolution that promises to make connected and autonomous vehicles a reality and to bring electric mobility to the masses. But regulators need to step in to help the industry resolve legal, technical, and ethical quandaries. A new MLex® Future Mobility service helps users navigate the shifting landscape of regulatory ambitions and commercial experimentation by the likes of car makers, software and electronics suppliers, energy businesses and service providers.

Connected vehicles
The number of “connected” cars is growing rapidly, with various estimates putting them at around 60% of sales of new cars globally in the first half of 2021—but the degree of their connectivity varies from the most basic emergency safety alerts to up to 10,000 detailed data points capable of interacting with other vehicles and road infrastructure. The list of regulatory risks is also growing longer:

  • The definition of “personal data” for mobility communications is unclear.
  • The auto industry continues to struggle with standard-essential patent licensing.
  • Appropriate infrastructure and coverage issues abound.
  • Disagreements are rife between manufacturers and parts makers over the levels of access to in-vehicle data.
  • Disputes over standards for cybersecurity, safety and privacy are stacking up.

Autonomous vehicles
Despite punchy promises from Tesla boss Elon Musk, fully automated passenger cars are still some years away, each stage of evolution having been marred by bizarre safety incidents. With the expectation for technology to be “as good as, if not better than” human drivers, U.S. investigations into Tesla and other safety cases will attract increasing attention, potentially undermining the public’s trust in automation. And with civil and criminal liability questions yet to be wholly resolved—potentially through litigation—the existing models of motor insurance may need to be rewritten. As a result, most issues regarding connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will fall to regulators as they have to develop a more comprehensive rulebook. U.S. lawmakers have already proposed a Self Drive Act covering safety standards, cybersecurity and privacy designs—and laying the groundwork for a federal regulatory framework.

Electric vehicles
In the U.S., the Biden administration wants to see a 50% market share for electric vehicles by 2030, along with a national network of 500,000 charging points, up from the current 41,000. To this end, tens of billions of dollars in investment has been promised by new legislation. California and New York aim for all cars and passenger trucks to be zero-emission by 2035. Preparing for the big switch, many traditional fuel-industry giants are adjusting their models, accelerating their transition towards electric. But these processes also pose numerous regulatory questions around competition law and state aid rules as governments push for a faster switch.

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