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24 Aug 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Gain insights, focus on compliance and manage risk with the new Lexis Analytics™ suite

Whether lawyers in your practice are focusing on litigation, regulatory compliance or transactional law, an innovative new Lexis Analytics™ suite of tools can help them make sound, data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

Announced at the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Conference in July, Lexis Analytics makes the most of advanced technology, vast stores of legal content and expert curation. The suite consists of new and enhanced products fueled by smart content from the Lexis Advance® service and LexisNexis strategic acquisitions: Lex Machina®, Intelligize® and Ravel™ Law. Lexis Analytics integrates machine learning technology, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and visualization tools to better inform and expedite the work attorneys do every day.

Said Josh Becker, CEO of Lex Machina, “Each product within the suite has been enhanced, re-engineered or purpose-built to deliver actionable intelligence [to] help attorneys win new business, win cases and do their jobs more effectively.”


Organized for the way attorneys work

Products within the Lexis Analytics suite are organized in three categories—litigation, regulatory and transactional analytics—mirroring the way attorneys categorize their own job functions. Within each category, LexisNexis has compiled analytics tools that help to deliver greater knowledge and insights, improve compliance and service delivery, and decrease risk.

  • Litigation analytics equip attorneys with tools for crafting winning legal strategies based on quantitative insights and anticipated behaviors and outcomes, and for delivering more impactful, persuasive arguments.

Products in this category include Lex Machina® and a new offering, Context, launching this fall with powerful features that identify the language judges cite most in opinions. (See more detail on Context below.)

  • Regulatory analytics enable attorneys to better manage compliance by helping them track developments, predict which laws will pass and understand what to disclose, as well as how to disclose it. 

Products in this category include Legislative Outlook on Lexis Advance and Intelligize®.

  • Transactional analytics empower attorneys with the latest precedents and clauses to manage transactions more efficiently and effectively. These tools analyze, compare and benchmark the frequency and content of other industry disclosures to help strengthen negotiations and build better deals.

Products in this category include Intelligize® and a new offering, Lexis® Search Advantage | Transactional Powered By Intelligize®, which applies contract analytics to in-house and firm document collections.


New and soon-to-be-released products

As part of the Lexis Analytics launch, LexisNexis has announced two new products: Context, providing litigation language analytics (launching this fall), and Lexis® Search Advantage | Transactional Powered By Intelligize®.

Context is a unique, language-based solution engineered from the combination of Ravel™ analytics, Lexis Advance® and the former LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite. Context extracts persuasive language from court opinions, challenges and motions to help attorneys best present and argue their case. Advanced machine learning and A.I. technologies analyze case law to identify the language a judge cites the most.

Context will be launching soon.

The advantage: Context will help attorneys argue more persuasively by using the language judges have been proven to cite. Combined with complementary Lex Machina litigation analytics and the research capabilities of Lexis Advance, Context helps litigators ensure success throughout the litigation process.


Only Context has the technology to pinpoint the specific language your judge finds most persuasive so you can craft the best briefs and prevail in Daubert challenges.


Lexis® Search Advantage | Transactional Powered By Intelligize® empowers attorneys to produce more accurate, consistent and high-value documents in less time. Rebuilt from the ground up using contract and agreement language analytics from Intelligize, the solution enhances law firm transactional work product and internal document collections. The same powerful analytics and data enrichment offered on U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission content by Intelligize can now be applied to in-house and law firm document collections.

The advantage: Lawyers can mine internal documents and agreements while simultaneously searching precedent agreements filed with the SEC.


More details
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