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2 Dec 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Gain quick insight on what your judge wants to hear and how experts’ testimony will stand up to judicial scrutiny—Introducing Context

What if attorneys could anticipate the language a specific judge would likely use when ruling on a particular motion? With Context, a new offering that's part the Lexis Analytics™ suite, the world’s most powerful legal analytics solution, lawyers can gain valuable insights and strengthen strategy by extracting persuasive language from court rulings—the specific language individual judges rely on most often.

This unique, language-based research platform was created from the integration of powerful Ravel™ technology with vast content from the Lexis Advance® service. Context performs legal language analytics deployed across millions of case law documents to help you pinpoint the specific language a judge finds most persuasive.

You can conduct deep, thorough analysis to vet experts. The Context data includes Lexis Advance verdicts and settlements and expert witness profiles, plus additional sources, including exclusive expert reports specially prepared by LexisNexis to provide you with hard-to-find firm documents on experts. Get insight in to how often an expert has been challenged and why the expert’s testimony was admitted or excluded.

As shown above, the Context solution shows you the jurists your judge relies on most often and the specific language your judge uses most often.

When you know up front what your judge prefers to hear and how experts’ testimony will stand up to judicial scrutiny, you can craft the best strategy and legal argument for your company’s position regarding a litigation matter.


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Commercial customers may request a Context trial ID.
  •  Law school faculty have access to Context as of November 29, 2018. Students will have access in January.
  •  Learn more by watching this short video or download the Context overview flyer and the Lexis Analytics flyer.


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