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20 Apr 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Helping attorneys stay on top of fast-breaking legal news

Venue for patent infringement … digital privacy … trade secrets … sexual harassment in the workplace … net neutrality … regulatory changes and more … with today’s rapid pace of change and influx of information, keeping up with legal news can be extra challenging. But staying in the know is often critical to legal strategy, risk mitigation and business development.

As an information professional, you can help attorneys make the most of Law360® legal news. Below you’ll find:

  • Insight on the advantage your practice stands to gain with Law360 content
  • Special features available via the full-service Law360 website
  • Ways to access Law360 news via the Lexis Advance® service


Stay ahead of your competition with fast-breaking legal news and deep analysis

With reporters in more than a dozen major cities, the Law360 service is known for its large, highly skilled editorial team with legal journalistic expertise, along with exceptional technology for identifying developments and expediting news delivery.

Many Law360 reporters and editors have years of experience covering legal news, and all editorial staff receive specialized training unique to legal developments and coverage. Law360 is committed to providing professional coverage of most events published on the Law360 site the same day or within 24 hours. Areas of focus include litigation, regulation, compliance and enforcement, corporate deals and more across more than 50 practice areas, industries and jurisdictions. You can see a list of coverage areas here.

With approximately 200 articles published each day, the editorial team examines legal issues at a detailed level that most mainstream business publications do not—and does it faster than many other legal publications, which may publish a few days to a few weeks after news happens. In addition to same-day news, Law360 also offers in-depth articles with deeper analysis on developing issues and practitioner-written articles that dig into trending topics.

Many librarians use Law360 to stay abreast of important industry updates, support colleagues with current awareness and research, and help their practice stay ahead of the competition.


Law360 customer comments

Law360 has quickly become required reading for serious lawyers representing companies in high value deals, governmental regulatory issues and high stakes litigations. It provides the reader with new developments and results in almost a real-time basis. The vast majority of our partners, including me, consider it to be required reading each day.

—A. William Urquhart,
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan


The lawyers at WhatleyKallas use Law360 as one of our primary means of keeping up with the most recent developments in the law. Early every morning, we are able to see the latest judicial opinions, regulatory developments, and other important activity. This information helps in making sure we are up to date in all our cases.

—Joe R. Whatley Jr.,
WhatleyKallas, LLP


Accessing Law360 news

All Lexis Advance users can view Law360 top news headlines in the Lexis Advance home screen’s Law360 panel. Specific areas of the Lexis Advance service link to the Law360 site, as you’ll see below under the heading “Accessing Law360 content via the Lexis Advance service.”*

Access to full-text Law360 articles via Lexis Advance requires a Law360 U.S. Platform subscription with unlimited seats in addition to a Lexis Advance subscription. This lets individuals access Law360 articles via Lexis Advance and access Law360 U.S. content and Platform Tools directly via

By signing in at, subscribers can gain access to an archive of more than 350K breaking news, in-depth analysis, practitioner-written analysis articles, as well as features, rankings, series and more, across 50+ coverage areas, each with a daily newsletter. Additionally, the Law360 website includes:

  •  A searchable database of more than 1 million federal cases with activity since 2011
  •  Full-text search of patent complaints in federal district courts and filings in the PTAB
  •  Tracking tools for organizations and industries, federal case activity and breaking news
  •  Advanced search tools—see features here and screen image below. 

Platform-level, unlimited-seat Law360 access also enables librarians to sign attorneys up for daily Law360 practice-area newsletters. Each newsletter is curated by experienced editors so that readers can easily scan the latest headlines and summaries, then click through to full articles, along with attached court documents, when available.

*Articles appear on the Law360 site 12 to 24 hours earlier than live links to articles appear on the Lexis Advance service. You can access the articles via Lexis Advance approximately 12 p.m. ET the day after original publication.


Accessing Law360 content via the Lexis Advance service

For subscribers with access to Law360 news and analysis articles via the Lexis Advance service, sign in to Lexis Advance and go to the Lexis Advance Explore Content pod. Select Content Type > Legal News > Law360.

Then you can choose one of the following straightforward options.

Click Law360 Legal News (Display by Date) to see the most recent articles, and then use the Narrow By filters on the left to specify a jurisdiction, timeline, attorney, firm, judge, etc.

Or you can click Law360 Legal News to easily conduct a form-based search.


Stay up to date with alerts on Lexis Advance

After you complete a search, just click the bell icon to save an alert. You can quickly specify the delivery option and frequency you prefer.


Law360 on Lexis Advance Practice Pages

To access Law360 news via a specific Lexis Advance Practice Page, go to the Lexis Advance Browse menu and select Practice Centers and then the option you need.

You’ll see Law360 news on the Practice Center you select.


Find out more

For more details on using Law360 via Lexis Advance, please contact your LexisNexis account representative. If you’re interested in an unlimited-seat Law360 U.S. Platform subscription, please contact your Law360 account representative or email Law360 at

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