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17 Jan 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Introducing Judicial Brief Analysis

Judicial Brief Analysis in the Lexis+® ecosystem is an AI-powered research tool that enables a court researcher or litigator to validate research on both sides of a case from the judicial perspective. It includes full Shepard’s® analysis, checks quotes for accuracy and provides additional recommended cases, secondary sources and sample briefs similar to your brief.

To get to Judicial Brief Analysis, go to the Brief Analysis home screen and select the option to review multiple documents. This will take you to the Judicial Brief Analysis home screen. Users can upload up to three documents on each side of a matter (plaintiff or defendant) for a total of six documents, to get to the new Judicial Brief Analysis dashboard view and a full analysis.


Also new: Brief Analysis Quotation Analysis
The Quotation Analysis feature has been added to single-brief Brief Analysis and Judicial Brief Analysis. This functionality offers the same quotation evaluation available in Lexis® for Microsoft® Office, providing validation of quotation text and pin cites in an easy-to-use display. The unique “shared” view of quotations found in both plaintiff’s and defendant’s documents provides a quick way for users to compare how quotes have been used by different parties. 

And, Brief Analysis now includes treatises and Practical Guidance recommendations, in addition to cases, related to key passages in your brief or document.

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