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26 Jan 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Law360® Pulse keeps users up to date on the business of law

Law360 Pulse combines award-winning Law360® journalism with powerful data and analytics from the Lexis+™ experience to deliver unparalleled business of law coverage, timely insights and the industry intelligence to help you stay on top of issues and trends, safeguard your clients and stay ahead of the competition. 

Stay competitive through timely updates on the pivotal changes that happen every day in the legal industry with Law360 Pulse, the center of fast-moving issues, trends and analysis in the business of law.

As you leverage Law360 Pulse for all your business of law news and insights, take advantage of these top benefits:

  • Know first, act fast—real-time daily news and alerts on companies, law firms, industries and regions, customized to your practice and delivered to your inbox
  • Go beyond the headline—in-depth coverage and expert analysis on large and mid-market firms, in-house counsel, courts and litigation, and local coverage in nine states
  • Spot emerging trends—data-driven points of view and news coverage on law firm practices and industry trends via exclusive Surveys & Rankings, including Partner Compensation and Legal Technology
  • Fit news and research to your workflow—a single destination for all your business of law news, plus one-click access to source documents

Gain valuable insights with access to special reports like these:

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Note, law school faculty and students have complimentary Law360 Pulse access. 

 Resources: enhancements

  • Law360 Employment Authority offers actionable intelligence for employment lawyers through exclusive insights, in-depth analysis and deep news coverage that encompasses three key areas in employment law: discrimination, wage & hour and labor. Each section offers breaking news, timely features and thoughtful analyses for readers who specialize in labor and employment law.
  • My Law360 offers a customized experience for consuming Law360 and Law360 Pulse news and analysis.


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