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17 Jan 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Law360® releases several new resources

Review this recap of valuable offerings and resources recently released by Law360® and Law360 Pulse:

  • Law360 launches new audio stories with text-to-speech technology
    Stay informed on the latest news, trends and changes that impact the business and practice of law with new Law360 audio stories. Using advanced text-to-speech technology that turns written articles into audio stories, you can now reach a whole new level of productivity by listening on your morning commute or while carrying out your daily activities.

    You can access audio stories through a Law360 or Law360 Pulse subscription. Once you are in an article, just click Listen to Article. This feature is available to all Law360 subscribers at no additional charge.


  • Law360® DC Pulse
    The new Law360 DC Pulse offering delivers breaking news and comprehensive coverage on the business of law in the capital, including leadership changes, lateral hires, new office openings, compensation decisions, developments among lobbying arms, and other policy changes among firms of all sizes. It builds on the award-winning journalism of Law360 Pulse with the regional insights of on-the-ground reporters and journalists in DC.


  • Reminder: The Law360 News Customization Tool, myLaw360, Now Available in the Law360 App for iOS and Android® Devices

    myLaw360, enabling Enterprise and Platform clients* to fully customize their own dashboard of news feeds most relevant to them, is now available on the go in the Law360 app for iOS and Android devices.

    With the click of a button, you have the ability to:
    • Streamline your workflow with a tailored dashboard, including all Law360 news coverage and select LexisNexis® legal news products
    • Easily track legal developments and your competitors with organization feeds
    • Reduce your search time by setting up custom, user-defined search feeds on the forces shaping your legal focus areas

Feeds are created and edited on the myLaw360 desktop version, and then accessible on the go with the Law360 app.

Visit to start building your customized dashboard today.
*Individual user login credentials required. Please contact for login assistance if needed


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