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30 Jul 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

LexisNexis® Information Professional Update—July 2018

Easier results review
Now every case search can become a chart of connected, relevant cases

Use the new Ravel™ View at Lexis Advance® to quickly discover how the top cases in your search results are connected, uncover cases that might otherwise be overlooked, find seminal cases and discern citing trends across jurisdictions and over time. This integrated analytical view is available only at the Lexis Advance service, giving you more value for every case search at no additional charge.  Take a look.

Faster start to research
Access Live Chat Support and online Help faster

Live Support at Lexis Advance is now called Live Chat Support and is accessible from the Support pod on the Lexis Advance home page, as well as the More pull-down menu at the top of most screens.  Check it out.

More search power
Added access to document segments (parts) for more precise searching

Another document segment is now available when you use the Advanced Search link just above the Red Search Box to access form-based searching. Use the AWARD segment to find specific dollar amounts in Jury Verdicts & Settlements.  See more.

Help lawyers jump-start litigation research with trial court orders

Effective motions depend on understanding how a judge is most likely to rule on a given request. State trial court orders can help reveal how judges think and how their rulings trend over time. Find out how lawyers can use trial court orders to make more informed decisions when developing case strategy.  Get the details.

Providing attorney resources with retail bankruptcies at an all-time high

Although the “retail apocalypse” headlines might be overstating it, statistics demonstrate that 2018 has seen a steady stream of large retailers filing Chapter 11 bankruptcies, and 2017 saw an all-time high in bankruptcy filings. To help attorneys succeed in this business climate, LexisNexis offers timely bankruptcy news and essential analytical content, including Collier on Bankruptcy®.  Find out more.

Digest of LexisNexis® InfoPro Weekly—June 2018

Stay on top of vital resources with this quick update.  Link to the latest literature updates, product releases, webinars and training.