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24 Apr 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

LexisNexis® Information Professional Update—March 2018

Improve research efficiency with visualization and analytical tools that are accessible within Lexis Advance®

Today more than ever, competing in the legal marketplace calls for quicker, smarter decisions—in areas from legal strategy to business development. The Lexis Advance® service goes beyond authoritative resources and precision search tools. Get access to data visualization, analytics and insights from within Lexis Advance.  See more details.

Practice-area content and tips
LexisNexis® antitrust content and tips: SCOTUS considers AmEx

Antitrust practitioners anxiously await the outcome of the U.S. Supreme Court’s review of Ohio v. American Express, its first antitrust decision in two years and one in which SCOTUS will address the application of a critical but still murky antitrust doctrine—the “rule of reason”—in a new context. The decision will have far-reaching impact on clients in many industries and on antitrust law overall. Here’s an update, plus tips for connecting professionals in your practice with timely, authoritative antitrust sources.  Take a look.

Industry spotlight
Protect your company, your clients and your reputation with trusted finance and banking compliance, coverage and litigation resources

Sarbanes-Oxley. Dodd-Frank. Blockchain. AI. Data breaches. Constant market flux. Corporate legal departments, as well as the firms that support them, are under significant pressure to manage it all—and help businesses thrive. Explore the ways you can help forge that success using exceptional LexisNexis® finance and banking content, combined with advanced analytics tools and trusted industry knowledge.  Find out more.

Added document flexibility
Validate points of law faster with Shepard’s Signal™ indicators on LexisNexis® headnotes 

Now you’ll see Shepard’s Signal™ indicators with LexisNexis® headnotes—positive and negative treatment—as well as the number of citing references for each. Take advantage of this new enhancement.  See for yourself.

Added document flexibility
One-click TOC multiple-document selection saves you time and effort

In response to customer requests, Lexis Advance® now has a fast and easy feature for choosing specific portions of a Table of Contents (TOC) source to search or deliver.  Get the details.

More search power
Gain statutes of limitations insight for state jurisdictions faster with Lexis Answers™

Now the Lexis Answers™ feature covers statutes of limitations questions for state jurisdictions as well as federal. Get quick answers.  Take a look.

Easier results review
Reason for Shepard’s Signal™ now connects to more full-text cases

The Lexis Advance® service now connects you to more content when you use the Lexis Answers™ and Reason for Shepard’s Signal™ features. Gain faster Shepard’s® analysis of older cases.  Here’s more info.

More must-have content
Explore in-depth Law360® Tax Authority articles, more international primary law and CEB® publications

We added more valuable content to Lexis Advance®. Stay on top of the latest tax law, international primary law and California content.  Get more details.

Enhanced integrated tools
LexisNexis MedMal Navigator® is now Lexis Medical Navigator™

The name has changed, but you’ll still find the same extensive coverage for a variety of practice areas that require reliable, timely medical information. Learn the latest on this tool.  See more.

Digest of LexisNexis® InfoPro Weekly—February 2018

Stay on top of vital resources with this quick update.  Link to the latest literature updates, product releases, webinars and training.


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