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14 Jan 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

LexisNexis® PAIR Watch delivers USPTO PAIR data to your inbox, providing dependable patent application monitoring

Easily automate public patent application tracking for one— patent application, or hundreds or thousands—of patent applications with the PAIR Watch patent monitoring service. Designed to manage the time-consuming task of tracking patent applications, PAIR Watch monitors the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Public PAIR website and sends alerts to subscribers via email whenever changes take place to the Image File Wrapper, Continuity Data or Transaction History. Because months can pass between incremental changes in status, PAIR Watch helps minimize errors or omissions in manual patent application tracking, especially for law firms that may be monitoring a number of their own, clients’ or competitors’ patent applications. PAIR Watch can be configured to send email alerts to multiple individuals in the patent monitoring workflow based on the needs of the organization.

Overcome the Patent Monitoring Burden  

Extended periods of no prosecution activity followed by abrupt status updates makes monitoring a single patent application uniquely tricky. Consistent prosecution monitoring is required to catch patent prosecution updates when they occur, and each Public PAIR search can be cumbersome and time consuming. Patent prosecution monitoring becomes significantly more involved if you need to track multiple applications using Public PAIR because you must actively search for each patent application, one by one, every time you need an update. Fortunately, LexisNexis® PAIR Watch delivers USPTO PAIR updates straight to your inbox.

With its easy-to-use interface, PAIR Watch users determine how frequently PAIR Watch monitors each tracked patent application. PAIR Watch sends users alerts regarding updates to Image File Wrappers, Continuity Data or Transaction Histories within Public PAIR, and each PAIR Watch email contains direct links to prosecution history documents that can be viewed, downloaded or printed by users. For patent monitoring in bulk, PAIR Watch can combine alerts for multiple applications into a single, easily managed Excel® spreadsheet. If periodic assurance that nothing has changed gives you peace of mind, PAIR Watch can do that, too.

Remove the burden of patent prosecution monitoring and update your game plan with LexisNexis PAIR Watch.

Importance of Automated Patent Monitoring

Receiving critical information as early as possible affords patent applicants ample time to develop and implement patent prosecution strategies. Monitoring helps keep an eye on the competition, and can inform business decisions as competitor strategies unfold.

Despite its importance, patent application monitoring has always been an ongoing struggle due to the volume of patent applications needing to be monitored at any given time. Luckily, there are many benefits to choosing LexisNexis PAIR Watch for automated patent monitoring. A few of these benefits are outlined here.

1.  Save Time and Money Tracking Client Portfolios 

Whether you are keeping tabs on a number of clients or a single client with many patent applications in the pipeline, staying on top of USPTO updates is just as important as it is time consuming ... or so we used to think. Put your time to better use and save your clients money by letting PAIR Watch do the monitoring for you. This cost-effective solution will help you automate the process of monitoring patent applications and free up your time.

 2.  Maintain a Competitive Edge Over the Competition

Your clients’ patent applications are not the only thing worth monitoring at the USPTO. Patent practitioners can customize exactly which patent applications they wish to monitor. Curious how your rival law firm is faring in the patent process? Need to track a patent application filed by your client’s biggest competitor? You may also want to monitor clients’ competitors’ patent applications to predict their future market strategy, identify infringing technology or find new avenues for growth. Let LexisNexis PAIR Watch monitor every important competitor’s application, then let your mind rest easy knowing you will be one of the first to know when a change to the docket has been made.

3.  Receive the Updates You Want On Your Own Time

Patent professionals who have utilized electronic monitoring methods, through a MyUSPTO account or otherwise, know that receiving a separate email for every patent update can quickly bog down an inbox. We reluctantly put up with incessant notifications because they were our only option other than performing manual searches as frequently as possible. Now, patent professionals can receive updates any way they like.

PAIR Watch sends the email updates you prefer directly to your inbox. Whether you want to know about updates to an application’s image file wrapper, bibliographic data, continuity data or transaction history, you can choose exactly which updates you will receive. How often you receive updates can be tailored to your needs as well. Monthly, weekly, daily or even twice daily updates—the choice is completely yours.

4.  Receive Alerts Directly to Your Inbox

Why settle for just an update when you can have access to all the information you need in a single click? Emailed alerts include information about and direct links to the documents that were added to the application file wrappers you have chosen to monitor. You can easily download selected documents or entire file wrappers as PDFs, and share application updates with colleagues—even if they do not have a PAIR Watch account of their own.


Using LexisNexis PAIR Watch

Checks can be performed monthly, weekly, daily or even twice a day. Affordable and convenient, PAIR Watch enables fail-proof enterprise-level monitoring capabilities.

You can monitor one patent application—or thousands—by simply:

  1. Clicking on the Add New Watch tab
  2. Specifying the application number(s)
  3. Optional: indicating the Client Matter Number
  4. Selecting the update frequency: twice daily, once daily, weekly or monthly (the update frequency can be changed at any time)
  5. Optional: setting options for managing the automatic creation of additional watches based on any parent or child continuity application 
  6. Entering the email address(es) to receive the watch notifications
  7. Clicking on Add New Watch

When you need to watch a large number of applications, you can easily upload a spreadsheet with up to 1,000 application numbers. 

Pricing is simple, predictable and affordable―based on the frequency of alerts. The Subscription tab provides up-to-date information on projected costs and the account balance.

IFW papers

Easily download selected papers or the entire file wrapper as a PDF. Each PDF is bookmarked with the paper name for easy navigation.

Direct access to updates

Open and review added papers to a watched application from your email. Emailed watch alerts have direct links to added papers in the File Wrapper. Easily share the updates with colleagues that don’t have access to PAIR Watch.

Comprehensive Bill Back

The comprehensive bill back report shows client reference number, application and the PAIR Watch user who is managing the watch.

Continuity Data

Never miss changes to parent and child continuity in watched applications. Select the option to automatically add continuity applications as new watches.

PAIR Watch gives you the ability to easily, and economically, keep up with prosecution status by monitoring patent applications with the leader in intellectual property data.

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