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14 Jan 2020 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New court analytics module added to Context on the Lexis Advance® service

The new court analytics module is now available to all subscribers of Context litigation analytics who also subscribe to judge analytics and expert witness analytics.

Access over 5,000 state and federal courts and view analytics to:

  • Know what language persuades your court—even before filing your case
  • Know how many cases like yours have been tried in a specific court and how the court ruled so you can craft the best arguments for your case
  • Build your most persuasive argument using the language your court cites most frequently
  • Identify and avoid arguments and language your court disfavors

Access Context via the product menu once signed in to After searching a court, three tabs are available in your report.

The Overview tab provides insights on Active Judges in that court, Opinions by Areas of Law and Opinions Per Year.

The Analytics tab contains two subtabs. Motion Language contains analytics on how the court has ruled on over 100 motion types with the corresponding cases, providing insights on what resonates most when granting or denying a particular motion type. Select the Citation Patterns tab to view the most frequently cited opinions and judges for this court. Use Link to this page to share content on this page with others inside or outside your organization. The Create Report feature provides customized options.

The Documents tab harnesses the comprehensive content available on Lexis Advance, providing links to a variety of content related to a specific court.

Access learning resources on the new Courts module on Context.

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