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26 Jun 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New segments for precision searching, plus Lexis Answers™ judge cards

Expert Witness and Trademark segments (document parts) in the advanced search forms at Lexis Advance® now give you added options for precision searching. Plus, new Lexis Answers™ judge cards help you quickly find background facts and cases related directly to your judge. These enhancements are designed to increase your search power.

New segments in Expert Witness and Trademark advanced search forms

To access the new segments described below, select the Advanced Search link above the Red Search Box on your Lexis Advance home page. Then click the Select a specific content type pull-down menu to choose Expert Witness or Trademark forms.

To focus your search on the expert name, we’ve added the new EXPERT segment in Expert Witness content. You can use it to quickly find a specific expert in Expert Witness Testimony and Reports and Expert Witness Challenges.

In response to customer requests, we’ve added TRADEMARK and MARK-DESCRIP segments to Lexis Advance Trademarks content.

  • Use MARK-DESCRIP to refine your search to the description of the trademark.
  • TRADEMARK is a group segment; it restricts your search to the name, word wheel, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) design, description, lining-stippling, name-consent, pseudomark, Greek and translation fields of the trademark document.


Gain judicial insights quickly with new Lexis Answers judge cards

Find background facts and cases related directly to your judge—no search needed. Just enter the word judge, magistrate or justice and a judge’s name in the Red Search Box at Lexis Advance. Your results will display a new Lexis Answers judge card. Tens of thousands of judges are covered, from federal to local. New judge cards include background information and links to available recent and noteworthy (seminal) cases, as well as available cases frequently cited by the judge and cases citing to the judge.


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