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20 Sep 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Ravel™ View connected, relevant cases just got better

With the latest Lexis Advance® enhancements, it’s even easier to navigate the connected, relevant cases in Ravel™ View. Use Ravel View to discover how the top cases in your search results are connected, uncover cases that might otherwise be overlooked, find seminal cases, and discern citing trends across jurisdictions and over time. You can gain more value for every case search at no additional charge.


  • When you’re ready to click a second case in Ravel View, you no longer need to click the white space in the background first.
  • A legend makes it even easier to understand the Ravel View citation map.

To try Ravel View, just enter a case-law search in Lexis Advance and select the Ravel View icon (see top-right in the image below) to view a graphical depiction of the top 75 results from your search. To display the legend, click the Legend pull-down menu.

In the Ravel View image shown above, each circle represents one case. Each line connecting cases indicates a citing relationship.

At a glance, you can see how many times a case was cited by other cases in your top search results (size of a circle), when it was decided (horizontal timeline), the jurisdiction where it was decided (vertical level axis) and how relevant the decision is to your search (how high the circle appears within a jurisdiction section).

When you click a case circle, the case name and cite display above the circle. Plus, colored lines

show you Shepard’s® treatment for citing cases. Then hover over a citing case circle to view the point of law discussed.

Find out more

For more information about Ravel View and its benefits, see this article from the July issue of LexisNexis® InfoPro update. You can also view concise how-to literature and see a quick Show Me How video.

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