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24 May 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Staying on top of relevant regulatory threats and opportunities

For updates and insight on regulatory changes in local jurisdictions and among key global regulators, antitrust practitioners all over the world rely on news and analysis from MLex®, an independent media organization that became part of the LexisNexis® group in 2015. You may have read previous articles about MLex global regulatory and antitrust and Brexit coverage. But did you know that MLex goes beyond antitrust to provide timely coverage of mergers and acquisitions, as well as data privacy and security?

MLex journalists, including seasoned senior analysts and accomplished lawyers, provide coverage spanning regulators in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. Practicing attorneys who subscribe benefit from exclusive MLex market insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory threats and opportunities relevant to mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and trade defense, as well as data privacy and security. MLex also specializes in sector-specific regulation across technology, media and telecommunications energy, along with financial services.

While the majority of full-text articles are available to subscribers only, here are a few MLex Market Insight articles you can preview to get a sense of the substance provided.


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Starting before M&A stories garner mainstream media interest, MLex provides coverage, including unique, forward-looking insights on merger reviews—case files allowing readers to review all the articles and official statements related to a merger.

Subscribers who receive insights and commentary can be among the first to know what’s happening and analyze possible future outcomes.

For example, here’s an insight from April 19, 2018, in advance of stories published by other news outlets:

UTC-Rockwell Collins $30 billion merger expects DOJ antitrust approval with asset divestitures.

United Technologies Corporation and Rockwell Collins are in line to receive US antitrust approval with asset divestitures for their $30 billion merger, MLex has learned.

The US approval for the deal has slowed while the Department of Justice awaits the outcome of the European Commission’s review. The merger has to be approved by 12 jurisdictions.

More information is available by subscription.


Also, earlier commentary from April 6, 2018:

AT&T judge’s answer could be something other than yes or no

US District Judge Richard Leon, who is handling the trial over whether AT&T will be permitted to buy Time Warner, has more options than giving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and he has shown at least a few signs that he might be willing to pursue them.

Read more here.


Data privacy & security

Data Privacy and Security have never been more at the forefront of business than they are today as rules evolve in jurisdictions around the globe. Legislators and regulators are watching each other to see what the path forward might be in other countries. Companies and their counsel need to stay on top of it all.

MLex reports these developments as they happen and gives subscribers a front-row seat.

Commentary from April 24, 2018:

EU online-platform bill garners mixed reviews from industry, lawmakers

An EU bill unveiled today that seeks to regulate tech giants’ business operations has triggered a variety of reactions from industry groups and politicians, giving early clues about the sort of changes EU governments and lawmakers might seek to make to the bill in coming years.

Amendments could see the relatively light-touch rules tightened to prevent discrimination and unfair practices by major platforms such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

Reactions from technology companies, online marketplaces, mobile operators and record labels ranged from censure to praise and included calls for more obligations on platforms

Read more here.



Expert MLex commentary and analysis helps lawyers identify and mitigate litigation risk for their clients or corporate colleagues.

Here are two examples of MLex antitrust articles:

Antitrust enforcers have a role to play in IP, say EU official, former DOJ division head

Antitrust enforcers have an important role in the intellectual property sphere, the EU’s most senior competition official and the former Obama antitrust chief said on Thursday, countering comments by the Trump administration’s Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust Makan Delrahim.

Delrahim has cautioned against antitrust intervention in cases involving patents essential to industry standards.

Read more here.


Data acquisition doesn’t equate to price hikes, FTC’s Hoffman says

Companies that gather more data from their customers aren’t imposing the equivalent of higher prices or lesser-quality service, said Bruce Hoffman, a senior official at the US Federal Trade Commission.

As antitrust agencies review the effect of mergers and large platforms on data markets, Hoffman said enforcers were starting to grapple with some theories, but flagged the problems of linking data and price.

Read more here.


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