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12 Jul 2021 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Is Lawyering Up

EEOC Chair Charlotte Burrows announced in April that the commission is adding nearly 500 attorneys, investigators, mediators and equal employment opportunity specialists. Analysts agree that this signals a move toward more investigations and litigation that will focus on systematic bias, gender pay gaps and the balance between LGBTQ issues and religious liberty.

The EEOC and the courts are sorting out the gray areas left by the June 2020 SCOTUS opinion in Bostock v. Clayton County, which concluded that Title VII sex discrimination protection includes sexual orientation and gender identity, subject to potential religious liberty defenses. Attorneys and employers are closely watching commission activity and lawsuits that are testing the religious liberty defenses and EEOC Title VII priorities. LexisNexis® gives employment attorneys access to an exclusive collection of practice notes, secondary materials, legal news and other resources to help them understand and respond to these related emerging issues.

Practical Guidance for Labor & Employment
Practical Guidance, accessible as part of the Lexis+™ integrated experience and through the legacy Lexis® platform, gives practitioners current and complete “how-to” guidance to understand and respond to LGBTQ issues in the workplace. Whether seeking foundational knowledge or expert guidance on performing complex tasks, the collection of LGBTQ practice notes, annotated forms and state law surveys on Practical Guidance provides practitioners the resources they need. In form and substance, Practical Guidance enables practitioners to spend more time analyzing and tackling the matter at hand and less time looking for answers.

Below you can see the range of Practical Guidance content types, as well as a sampling of tools and tasks.

Following are examples of LGBTQ employment law resources available on Practical Guidance:

Authoritative Secondary Analytical Content
The Lexis+ and Lexis services offer deep analytical coverage in the form of treatises and practice guides for employment issues, including sections and titles dedicated to LGBTQ employment. Top Matthew Bender® titles include Larson on Employment Discrimination (Part XIV on Sex Discrimination Topics) and LGBTQ Employment Law Practice Guide.

To find these titles and to discover other employment law treatises, use the Explore > Practice Area tab on Lexis+, and select Labor & Employment Law to access the Labor & Employment Law Practice Center.

Here you can see the top of the Labor & Employment Law Practice Center.

Scroll down to Secondary Materials to see featured treatises, and click on Employment Law Treatises to search or see the complete list of available employment law secondary materials.


Industry-Standard Current Awareness Titles Covering Developments and Trends in L&E Law
The Lexis+ and Lexis services offer a unique aggregation of 26,000+ news and legal news publications, including the Law360® service.

To search L&E News or L&E Legal News, go to the Labor & Employment Law Practice Center.

Scroll to the bottom and click the news link you need.

Once you’ve run a search, narrowing results is easier and more precise than ever before with advanced filtering. The Subject and Practice Area & Topics filters surface on-point articles without the need for complex search terms and connectors. Expand designated filters for even more options to pinpoint detailed filter topics.

For more information on how the LexisNexis® services can support the specific needs of your organization’s Labor & Employment practitioners, please contact your LexisNexis account representative to discuss custom training, demos, continuing legal education and support options.


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