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24 Aug 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Timesaving federal civil practice tools for every phase of federal pretrial civil procedure

Pretrial civil procedure can be labor-intensive during multiple phases, including case assessment, drafting and filing complaints, responding to complaints, discovery, dispositive and non-dispositive motions and settlement. Attorneys can complete each task more efficiently by making the most of practice notes, forms, checklists and other helpful guidance. The Lexis Practice Advisor® Federal Civil Practice offering provides real-world practical guidance and tools for every task—from pre-litigation planning through discovery and motion practice—including documents you can’t find anywhere else.


Expansive, practical content      

Many litigation attorneys are benefiting from The Wagstaffe Group® Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, available in print and via the Lexis Advance® service, where the guide includes more than 170 brief, embedded videos. The Federal Civil Practice offering within Lexis Practice Advisor is an excellent supplement to that guide. Here are a few examples of the resources included in the Lexis Practice Advisor offering.

  • More than 100 additional documents to meet specific federal civil practice needs, such as:
    • Full coverage of pretrial injunctive relief—content ranges from practical advice on seeking pretrial relief to standards charts with detailed case citations by jurisdiction
    • Extensive forms for written discovery, including drafting notes with practical tips for responding to interrogatories and best practices for propounding written discovery

  • Links to hundreds of primary and secondary materials directly within practice notes, forms and checklists, enabling attorneys to conveniently dive deeper into the topic at hand
  • Task-based practical guidance that tracks a litigators’ workflow, including standards charts, local rule guides, annotated forms and checklists. 


Unique, substantive content

Here are examples of the timesaving, substantive content available only on Lexis Practice Advisor.

Standards Charts (within Checklists)

    • Addressing complex issues in a short timeframe can be especially challenging when litigators are dealing with less familiar jurisdictions or issues. These standards charts provide a wide range of information litigators need to start crafting an argument for a motion.
    • Easy-to-read charts are organized by motion and circuit and include legal standards for the most frequently filed motions in federal court with accompanying seminal and/or example cases.
    • This offering initially covers six motion types from all 13 circuits (78 documents).


Local Rules Guides (within Checklists)

    • These guides give attorneys quick access to relevant local rules on a particular issue.
    • They initially cover five topic areas, resulting in 80 total documents.
    • The guides save time and provide crucial practical info to ensure that litigators are following the local rules in jurisdictions across the country.
    • One- to two-page documents help users successfully navigate the different rules associated with an issue and provide seamless linking to the full rule on Lexis Advance, the court’s website and the judge’s individual rules. 


Expert Forms with Drafting Notes 

    • More than 40 expert forms provide a strong starting point plus insight on specific issues.
    • Detailed drafting notes offer practical guidance and alternate language so that users can customize forms for specific client needs.


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