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27 Feb 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Uncover hidden connections with LexisNexis® Public Records and SmartLinx® Comprehensive Reports

At times individuals and businesses may have something to hide—perhaps an undisclosed asset, an unsavory connection that could affect the outcome of a trial or adversely affect a business transaction, or an address or telephone number that could be used to serve process.

With LexisNexis® Public Records on the Lexis Advance® service, along with smart, connected technology, you have the tools needed for professionals in your practice to confidently and efficiently uncover hidden connections.

Robust LexisNexis Public Records search, analytics and reporting tools help practitioners efficiently gain a more complete picture of individuals and businesses during due diligence, litigation discovery, “know your customer” screening and various legal tasks involving hard-to-find people, businesses or assets.

The LexisNexis Public Records solution works with LexisNexis® SmartLinx® and LexID® intelligent search and linking technology to help users make intelligent information connections among people, businesses, assets and locations—beyond the obvious—by drawing insights from both traditional and new sources of data. Practitioners can even uncover connections among entities that do not have public records in common.

LexisNexis has been a recognized provider of public records information to the legal industry since 1985—and has been selected by the largest governmental agencies, law firms and private businesses focused on due diligence, litigation discovery, fraud prevention and more.

Interested in how-to steps? See tips for researching Public Records via Lexis Advance.

Below you’ll find more insights on how LexisNexis Public Records can be valuable to the professionals in your practice.


Save time with efficient searching and comprehensive reporting tools

Searching the vast LexisNexis Public Records collection is as easy as selecting your records type…


and entering a name or number in an online form.


Are you unsure of the name spelling? Click a box to search for that spelling alone. In many instances, you can narrow your search results just as easily.

You can also set up an alert to update you on an entity’s activity—like when your subject buys property or files for bankruptcy.


Plus, many LexisNexis Public Records sources let you use advanced searching with Boolean connectors.

Not sure where the facts are hidden? The powerful, easy-to-use SmartLinx investigative technology helps you retrieve relevant, logically connected facts that might otherwise require multiple searches and be very difficult to find.

  • SmartLinx uses LexID linking technology, which enables a single Lexis Advance search to comb through billions of public records to locate names, addresses, phone numbers and other information that connects people, businesses, assets and locations.
  • That search scans diverse records simultaneously—for example, property records, bankruptcy records, professional licenses, foreclosures, judgments and liens, UCC filings, employment information and criminal records. SmartLinx Comprehensive Reports can quickly surface hard-to-find connections among people, businesses, assets and locations, and return results—even when entities are not listed in the same public record.
  • Because people and businesses don’t leave footprints in just one state, SmartLinx always searches across all 50 states through a wide variety of public record types in seconds. This saves you time and helps ensure that you don’t miss valuable information hidden in another jurisdiction.
  • Review results in an easy-to-read, tabular report that links all information about the entity you’re researching. SmartLinx bundles all search results—whether they’re on a person, business or location. The easy-to-read, consolidated report includes links to underlying source documents that provide greater detail.
  • Get more thorough results—even with partial or misspelled data. Users can search with a nickname, prior address, etc., and proprietary search technology can locate the right records. It can even search beyond typos and misspellings, search an area radius or link cell phone numbers with carriers.
  • To help you find elusive telephone information, LexID technology surfaces telephone numbers for addresses associated with an individual or entity, regardless of whether the number is listed in their name. (Note: When needed, we recommend that you conduct additional searches in LexisNexis Public Records sources not included in the SmartLinx report—such as Alternate Phones, Dockets and Social Media Locator.)


Rely on vital analysis tools and compliance features

  • Potential address and phone number issues flagged: SmartLinx reporting technology conducts more than 200 checks to alert you to potential issues. In the report, color-coded warning flags indicate issues—such as a Social Security number associated with more than one person, disconnected phones or atypical residences like hotels or campsites. The report also indicates when the data checks out—when the address is confirmed, for example. Open-web sources usually don’t have such thorough analysis.
  • LexisNexis Public Records help you keep Social Security numbers and Federal Employer Identification numbers secure by assigning a unique LexID number to every entity in our database. You can revisit or share your findings using this number and be confident that you’re taking steps to observe the highest levels of privacy and compliance.                                                            
  • Sophisticated scoring and analytic tools: Discover value-added powerful analytic tools such as InstantID® with FraudPoint®, which can deliver critical, relevant insight to help you authenticate identities, spot fraud and flag ID discrepancies.*


Count on vast content

Gain access to more than 65 billion public records, including:

  • Records with unique name plus address combinations
  • Records outlining personal property data
  • Billions of business records
  • States and territories with UCC records updated daily
  • Records with dates of birth
  • Phone numbers not currently listed in directory assistance
  • Canadian phone records
  • Unique phone numbers
  • Unique email addresses
  • Vehicle titles


Leverage additional resources

LexisNexis also offers solutions beyond your subscription databases to handle specialized research needs cost effectively. Access social media reports and retrieve automobile accident reports, medical records and more. Working on international business due diligence or know your customer requirements? You don’t need connections in China, Europe or elsewhere. LexisNexis Public Records solutions can produce needed international documentation.

Plus, be sure to leverage the full power of LexisNexis services as you search. With your Lexis Advance subscription, you can follow a lead you uncover in public records resources to a vast collection of news—more than 26,000 local, regional, national and international news sources. Tap into financial filings showing balance sheets and executive teams. Check out primary law, including verdicts and settlements—all without leaving Lexis Advance and its intuitive interface.


Rely on an award-winning solution

LexisNexis won eight Best Online Public Records Research Provider awards in 2017, thanks to the readers of The National Law Journal®, New York Law Journal®, New Jersey Law Journal®, Texas Lawyer®, Corporate Counsel®, The Recorder® (Law Business Technology), LegalTimes® and dbr Daily Business Review®.


Resources and support

Review how-to tips for making the most of LexisNexis Public Records:

Researching LexisNexis® Public Records on Lexis Advance®

Link to resources on our website to learn more about the LexisNexis® Relationship Identifier and LexisNexis Public Records Social Media Locator on Lexis Advance.

LexisNexis Customer Support is available for live research help virtually 24/7 at no extra charge. For personal assistance with public records research, call 800.543.6862.

For more details about the powerful combination of LexisNexis Public Records, SmartLinx and Lexis Advance, go to, contact your LexisNexis account representative or call us at 800.628.3612.



The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) governs access to name, address, telephone numbers and Social Security numbers derived from credit header data. If a user does not have a GLBA permissible use based on their account setting, they will be blocked from only this regulated data in any search form in which this material is included. Search forms that include GLBA-regulated data also include data sources that are not regulated by the GLBA. Searches may still be conducted in all of these search forms, but if a user does not have a permissible use, results derived from GLBA-regulated data will automatically be removed from the answer set.

The Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)ǂ

governs access to driver’s licenses, motor vehicle registrations and watercraft registrations. If a user does not have a permissible use based on their account setting, they will be blocked from accessing these materials. In addition, if a user does not have a DPPA-permissible use, these results will be automatically removed from results returned from any other search forms that include this data as part of a larger group search.


*The LexisNexis Public Records services are not provided by “consumer reporting agencies,” as that term is defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq.) (“FCRA”) and do not constitute “consumer reports,” as that term is defined in the FCRA. Accordingly, the LexisNexis Public Records services may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in determining eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or another eligibility purpose that would qualify it as a consumer report under the FCRA.

Currently only available for law firm customers.

ǂIn addition to being regulated by federal law, the DPPA is also governed by state law.

Due to the nature and origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors.


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