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14 Aug 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: Search tips for scientific/scholarly journals and other publications

The Scientific category of sources in the Lexis Advance service covers scientific and scholarly Elsevier® publications , as well as a bibliographic database of medical journals (i.e. Medline®). There is also a significant number of other scientific and scholarly publications available in full text in News content on Lexis Advance in the areas of physical and social sciences and humanities.

The News category includes a number of aggregated and individual sources that provide both full text and abstracts of a variety of scientific and other scholarly publications.

When you know the name of a journal or scholarly magazine, use the Publication segment:

  • Publication(Journal of the Medical Library Association)
  • Publication(advances in high energy physics)
  • Publication(North American journal of psychology)

To limit results to publications in a certain field of science:

  • Publication(medical and journal or research)
  • Publication(psycholog* or behavior*)

If you retrieve too many results that are abstracts rather than full text, use the filters to limit further.

You may preclude abstracts in your results if you include the following at the end of your search:

  • And not publication-type(abstract)

For a comprehensive result, be sure to search within both News and Scientific categories.