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1 Apr 2024 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

10 Secondary Sources Added to Lexis+® and Lexis® in March

  • Arkansas Family Law with Forms (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    This title is your entry to mastering the intricacies and strategies of effective Arkansas family law practice. This publication details the body of Arkansas law that defines the rights and obligations of the individual vis-a-vis the family and, specifically, the marital relationship. The purpose of this title is to assist a legal reader seeking either to discover or confirm their understanding of specific points of Arkansas domestic relations law.
  • Colorado Family Law with Forms (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    This treatise provides guidance on issues relating to marriage and dissolution, from premarital and marital agreements, through dissolution. It discusses substantive law—parental rights, spousal maintenance, child support, and procedure—from case management, to discovery, expert witnesses, and appeals. Colorado Family Law with Forms also includes a chapter on family law issues of military veterans and their family members. Helpful form templates are included at the end of each chapter.
  • Florida Environmental and Land Use Law (The Florida Bar)
    The Florida Bar Environmental and Land Use Law Section (ELULS) Treatise is a diverse compilation of articles addressing a wide range of topics concerning environmental and land use law in Florida. Authors are all licensed Florida attorneys who practice or practiced in the subject area. Currently, the Treatise consists of 33 chapters and 140 articles; highlights include wetlands and surface waters, brownfields, air quality, transferable development rights, and inverse condemnation.
  • Massachusetts Receivers, Special Masters, and Other Court-Appointed Fiduciaries (MCLE)
    Establishing liability is often just a step along the way. Fashioning a suitable remedy is what gets you where you need to end up. Whether the case involves liquidation of a debtor, recovery of fraudulently transferred assets, a deadlocked corporation, desegregation of a school system, or review of classified documents possessed by a former president, an equitable remedy in the form of a court-appointed receiver (or other fiduciary) may be the best way to accomplish your goals.
  • Oklahoma Personal Injury (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    Provides practitioners with a comprehensive explanation of the ins and outs of Oklahoma tort law, making this complex area of law understandable to litigators. This treatise explains Oklahoma personal injury law from both a procedural and substantive law aspect, distilling the experience of a seasoned litigator to demystify the personal injury law litigation process.
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Trial Practice (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    Provides in-depth practical guidance on Pennsylvania law and procedure with step-by-step guidance essential to effectively managing each step of a criminal trial and sentencing. Each chapter in this publication reflects the keen legal analysis and practical insights of the authors, Hon. Daniel J. Anders and Bobby Ochoa III, Esq., as well as members of the publication’s advisory board. Pennsylvania Criminal Trial Practice integrates "how-to" practice guidance, task-oriented checklists, downloadable forms and references to sources that provide in-depth explanations of subjects to make the intricacies of criminal trial practice understandable to Pennsylvania practitioners.
  • Virginia Constitutional Law (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    An in-depth analysis of the Virginia Constitution, article-by-article, supported by extensive citations to primary and secondary law sources, and includes a chapter with tips for litigating constitutional cases. Additional resources include historical versions of the Virginia Constitutions of 1776, 1851, 1864, 1869, and 1902, as well as historic Virginia firearms regulations, as well as additional resources for researching the state's constitution. Virginia Constitutional Law also includes expert analysis and materials on the Virginia Constitution by Virginia Supreme Court Justice Stephen R. McCullough.
  • Virginia Insurance Case Finder (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    Save hours of research with this handy reference guide. Virginia Insurance Case Finder gives you instant access to insurance cases in Virginia, analyzing all Virginia Supreme Court and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals cases dealing with insurance questions for the last fifty years.
  • Wisconsin Pretrial Civil Procedure (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    A comprehensive set of analyses on the commencement of a civil action, pleadings, discovery, pretrial motions, alternative dispute resolution, and pretrial conferences. Updated annually, these analyses are accompanied by useful forms and practice tips for effective litigation.
  • Workers' Compensation Emerging Issues Analysis (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    An essential tool for the insurance industry, corporate risk managers, policy makers, and lawyers to understand what changes are being contemplated on the national level as well as in every state. Everything you need to know about workers' compensation for the past year is contained in this compendium of legal issues and cases. Legal analysis by Thomas A. Robinson, co-author for Larson's Workers' Compensation Law, and others highlight the discussions within the industry and important cases.