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6 Mar 2024 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

19 Secondary Sources Added to Lexis+® and Lexis® in February

  • 2022 Survey of Federal Class Action Law (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • A U.S. Supreme Court and Circuit-by-Circuit analysis is a valuable tool for both in-house and outside counsel who confront the prospect of litigating class actions in federal circuits with which they may have little or no experience and must make informed recommendations on removal.
  • Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • An invaluable resource for lawyers who prosecute antitrust offenses, those who defend the rights, interests and liberty of companies and individuals, and those who provide counsel to avoid the unfortunate consequences of investigation, indictment, and conviction.
  • Fifty-State Survey: The Law of Class Action 2022 (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • A valuable tool for both in-house and outside counsel who confront the prospect of litigating class actions in state forums with which they may have little or no experience and must make informed recommendations on removal. Succinct summaries are prepared by litigators from each of the respective states and address changes in rules and statutes as well as significant case law.
  • International Antitrust Cartel Handbook (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • A vital reference for both new and experienced antitrust practitioners navigating the increasingly complex global cartel enforcement environment. It brings together leading cartel practitioners from around the world to address the critical issues that arise throughout the lifecycle of a cartel investigation and prosecution.
  • International Investigations and Merger Reviews: A Handbook for Antitrust Counsel (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • Cooperation among competition enforcers is a fact of life for counsel advising international businesses. A merger may need clearance in multiple jurisdictions, or a cartel may be under investigation globally. Lead counsel will be called upon to make decisions about strategy and coordination crucial to successfully managing the demands of multiple agencies. This handbook provides counsel with a practical guide for making such decisions.
  • Litigating the Aviation Case (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • Claims based on aviation crashes are complex and challenging, requiring extensive commitments of time and resources as well as expertise with aviation and engineering principles coupled with detailed legal analysis. This publication provides strategic guidance and current information on effectively litigating all aspects of an aviation case.
  • Michigan Employment Law (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    • Covers the key topics of Michigan employment law in a comprehensive volume. Specifically, this one-volume publication discusses the employment relationship, protections in the workplace, ending the employment relationship, and unions and collective labor relations.
  • Price Discrimination Handbook (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • A comprehensive resource regarding price discrimination law in the United States and in jurisdictions located throughout the world. It is addressed both to practitioners who spend considerable time on price discrimination issues as well as the general practitioner seeking guidance on these issues.
  • Telecom Antitrust Handbook (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • Provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the application of antitrust law and principles to the communications industries, including telecom, broadband access, and video programming distribution.
  • Tenth Circuit Criminal Handbook (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
    • A comprehensive, accessible handbook that is the product of years of careful study and practical application of Tenth Circuit criminal decisions. Covering hundreds of criminal issues, the Handbook gives criminal attorneys, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges clear, practical analysis tailored to the needs of a busy criminal law practitioner.
  • The Antitrust Compliance Handbook: A Practitioner's Guide (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • Contains new chapters to aid outside and in-house counsel charged with developing or updating their clients' antitrust compliance program, including chapters on conducting risk assessments, program design, benchmarking programs, employee training, using online technology in training/audits, preparing for dawn raids, special considerations for competitor collaborations and trade associations.
  • The Noerr-Pennington Doctrine (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
    • Focuses on legal and public policy issues that arise from the antitrust treatment of efforts to petition government or influence government toward anticompetitive action, including petitioning efforts that are themselves collective or anticompetitive.