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279 Publications from Springer Nature Added to News Content on Lexis and Lexis+

 Publication Name

AAPS Journal


AAPS PharmSciTech

Acta Neurologica Belgica

Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Acta Parasitologica

Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Advances Traditional Medicine

Alzheimer's Research Therapy


Annals Biomedical Engineering

Annals Clinical Microbiology Antimicrobials

Annals Finance

Antimicrobial Resistance Infection Control


Archives Toxicology

Archives Virology

Archivum Immunologiae Therapiae Experimentalis

Asia-Pacific Financial Markets

Astronomy Astrophysics Review

Behavioral Brain Functions

Biochemical Genetics

Bioelectronic Medicine

Biological Cybernetics

Biological Procedures Online

Biology Sex Differences

Biomarker Research

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Education

Blood Cancer Journal

BMC Cancer

BMC Immunology

BMC Medical Genomics

BMC Neuroscience

BMC Pharmacology Toxicology

BMC Research Notes

Brain Imaging Behavior

Brain Structure Function

Brain Topography

Breast Cancer Research

British Journal Cancer

Bulletin Experimental Biology Medicine

Cancer Causes Control

Cancer Cell International

Cancer Gene Therapy

Cancer Metabolism

Cancer Metastasis Reviews

Cardiovascular Engineering Technology

Cardiovascular Toxicology

Cell Research

Cell Stress Chaperones

Cell Tissue Research

Cellular Molecular Immunology

Cellular Molecular Neurobiology

Cellular Oncology


China-EU Law Journal

Clinical Epigenetics

Clinical Experimental Metastasis

Cognitive Neurodynamics

Cognitive Processing

Communications Biology

Communications Chemistry

Communications Engineering

Communications Materials

Communications Physics

Criminal Law Forum (UK)

Criminal Law Philosophy

Current Clinical Microbiology Reports

Current Environmental Health Reports

Current Molecular Biology Reports

Current Pharmacology Reports

DARU Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences

Digital Finance

Drug Delivery Translational Research

Electrochemical Energy Reviews

Epigenetics Communications

EPMA Journal

ERA Forum

European Business Organization Law Review (United Kingdom)

European Journal Applied Physiology

European Journal Clinical Microbiology Infectious Diseases

European Journal Clinical Pharmacology

European Journal Human Genetics

European Journal Security Research

Experimental Brain Research

Experimental Molecular Medicine

Familial Cancer

Feminist Legal Studies

Fluids Barriers CNS

Food Environmental Virology

Gene Therapy

Genes Environment

Genes Immunity

Genes Nutrition

Genome Instability Disease

Genome Medicine

Hague Journal Rule Law

Hereditary Cancer Clinical Practice


Histochemistry Cell Biology

Human Genetics

Human Genome Variation

Human Genomics

IIC International Review Intellectual Property Competition Law

Immunity Ageing


Immunologic Research

In Silico Pharmacology

In vitro models

Infectious Agents Cancer


Inflammation Regeneration

Inflammation Research


International Journal Semiotics Law Revue internationale Sémiotique juridique

Jindal Global Law Review (UK)

Journal Biomedical Science

Journal Cancer Education

Journal Clinical Immunology

Journal Community Genetics

Journal Computational Neuroscience

Journal Experimental Clinical Cancer Research

Journal Financial Services Research

Journal Fluorescence

Journal Human Genetics

Journal Inflammation

Journal International Humanitarian Action

Journal Medical Biological Engineering

Journal Medical Toxicology

Journal Molecular Medicine

Journal Molecular Neuroscience

Journal Natural Medicines

Journal Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Journal NeuroEngineering Rehabilitation

Journal Neuroimmune Pharmacology

Journal Neuroinflammation

Journal NeuroVirology

Journal Pharmaceutical Health Care Sciences

Journal Pharmaceutical Innovation

Journal Pharmaceutical Investigation

Journal Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics

Journal Physiological Anthropology

Journal Physiological Sciences

Journal Physiology Biochemistry

Journal Proteins Proteomics

Journal Science Sport Exercise

Journal Translational Medicine

Jus Cogens

Lab Animal

Law Philosophy

Light Science Applications

Liverpool Law Review

Living Reviews Relativity

Living Reviews Solar Physics

Malaria Journal

Medical Biological Engineering & Computing

Medical Microbiology Immunology

Medicinal Chemistry Research


Metabolic Brain Disease


Mobile DNA

Molecular Biomedicine

Molecular Brain

Molecular Cancer

Molecular Cytogenetics

Molecular Medicine

Molecular Neurobiology

Molecular Neurodegeneration

Natur Recht


Nature Aging

Nature Astronomy

Nature Biomedical Engineering

Nature Biotechnology

Nature Cancer

Nature Cardiovascular Research

Nature Catalysis

Nature Cell Biology

Nature Chemical Biology

Nature Chemistry

Nature Communications

Nature Computational Science

Nature Ecology Evolution

Nature Electronics

Nature Food

Nature Genetics

Nature Geoscience

Nature Human Behaviour

Nature Immunology

Nature Machine Intelligence

Nature Materials

Nature Medicine

Nature Metabolism

Nature Methods

Nature Microbiology

Nature Nanotechnology

Nature Neuroscience

Nature Photonics

Nature Physics

Nature Plants

Nature Protocols

Nature Reviews Cancer

Nature Reviews Chemistry

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Nature Reviews Earth Environment

Nature Reviews Genetics

Nature Reviews Immunology

Nature Reviews Materials

Nature Reviews Methods Primers

Nature Reviews Microbiology

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Nature Reviews Physics

Nature Reviews Psychology

Nature Structural Molecular Biology

Nature Synthesis

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives Pharmacology

Netherlands International Law Review

Neural Development

Neurochemical Research



NeuroMolecular Medicine


Neuropsychology Review

Neuroscience Behavioral Physiology

Neuroscience Bulletin

Neurotherapeutic (UK)

Neurotoxicity Research

NPG Asia Materials

npj 2D Materials Applications

npj Aging Mechanisms Disease

npj Biodiversity

npj Biofilms Microbiomes

npj Breast Cancer

npj Climate Atmospheric Science

npj Computational Materials

npj Flexible Electronics

npj Genomic Medicine

npj Materials Degradation

npj Microgravity

npj Parkinson's Disease

npj Quantum Information

npj Quantum Materials

npj Regenerative Medicine

npj Science Food

npj Science Learning

npj Systems Biology Applications

npj Vaccines

Parasites Vectors

Parasitology Research

Particle Fibre Toxicology

Pflügers Archiv European Journal Physiology

Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmacogenomics Journal


Physical Engineering Sciences Medicine

Prostate Cancer Prostatic Diseases


Purinergic Signalling

Radiation Oncology


Review Derivatives Research

Review Quantitative Finance Accounting

Scientific Data

Scientific Reports

Seminars Immunopathology

Sleep Biological Rhythms

Sleep Vigilance

Spinal Cord

Spinal Cord Series Cases

Toxicological Research

Translational Neurodegeneration

Translational Stroke Research

Virology Journal

Virus Genes

WMU Journal Maritime Affairs

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