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17 Aug 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Brief Analysis Enhancements Including Cite Verification and Recommended Arguments

Several enhancements have recently been added to Brief Analysis on Lexis+®.

Cite Verification:  

Legal professionals can feel more confident that the citations in their documents (or opposing counsel’s documents) are reliable and accurate.

Brief Analysis now flags unverified cites. If a citation retrieved from a submitted document or cite list does not match a citation as it appears in the Lexis database, the user will be notified that the cite was not verified via a line item in the Cited in Your Document pod on the dashboard and on the case card in the Cited in Your Document page. For Judicial Brief Analysis, the unverified tag on the case card will appear on the respective party role tab (Plaintiff or Defendant).

Single or Bulk Upload:

This feature enhances a user’s ability to focus their analysis on citation evaluation. Users have the option to select "Citation List" from the upload page to analyze a citation, list of citations, or document with citations. This streamlined view will help users more quickly review information from the citations such as Shepard's treatment, case metadata, parallel citations, verification, etc.


Recommended Arguments:

Brief Analysis now recommends passages from motions in the Lexis database that are similar to the arguments raised in a user's uploaded document. With the combination of our extractive AI technology and unparalleled case document database, this new feature provides an expanded set of recommendations.

Recommendations will open on the right:

View the updated Brief Analysis Reference PDF or visit the Brief Analysis product page.