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13 Apr 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Context Expert Witness Search Adds Experience Tab

Now it’s easier to find relevant topics and information on expert witnesses with the new Most Discussed Facts & Subjects pod (in the Overview tab) and the new Experience Tab.

After running a search in Context for an expert, note the new Most Discussed Facts & Subjects pod on the Overview page. This pod provides the most frequently cited topics for the expert in their associated documents (Resumes & CVs, Reports, Opinions, Jury Verdicts & Settlements, and Depositions). This will help users quickly recognize areas of expertise and find niche subject matters that previously would have required the user to open each individual document to identify.

The new Experience tab correlates directly with the Most Discussed Facts & Subjects pod. If you click on one of the frequently cited topics in the pod, it will take you to the Experience tab, which will provide the user with the documents related to the topic.

The user can filter the results by Most Discussed Fact & Subjects and by Content Type.

The documents will be listed on the right and will include the Document Terms and short snippets that help the user quickly find the terms without having to read the entire document.