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16 Nov 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Introducing Lexis® Snapshot: AI Powered Alerting Service for Complaint Summaries

Lexis® Snapshot is a new AI-powered alert service developed by LexisNexis that uses the power of generative AI to synthesize critical information found in legal documents and deliver short summaries to legal professionals in real-time.

Lexis® Snapshot now provides an AI-powered alerting service for complaint summaries for Civil cases in Federal District Courts on Courtlink. Scan complaints in seconds to know at-a-glance what’s relevant:

  • Save significant time reading complaints, quickly find new business development opportunities, and isolate cases of interest by using Snapshot summaries to quickly determine which cases are relevant to your practice.
  • Get succinct, Snapshot summaries that communicate the nature of the case, its potential harm, and why it was filed.
  • Set the alert criteria and let Snapshot do its job, complementing CourtLink’s already trusted alert features that notify as new cases are filed.
  • Count on summaries being generated, packaged, and immediately delivered based on the frequency set within your CourtLink email alerts.
  • Delegate with confidence, as Snapshot makes it easier to manage alerts


Visit Lexis Snapshot product page, or contact your LexisNexis representative for more information.