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29 May 2024 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Lexis+ AI Enhancements

AI Generated Statute Summaries Are Now Available:

AI-generated statute summaries are now available through Legal Research on Lexis+ AI. These summaries, which provide topics, key requirements, and targeted individuals or entities from the full statute text, will allow you to quickly determine if a statute is relevant. The summaries have been pre-populated for the 50,000 most frequently accessed federal and state statutes. If a statute does not have a pre-populated summary, it will automatically generate a summary when you access a statute with more than 2,500 characters.

We will continue to add summaries to statutes over 2,500 characters throughout the year. If a statute is amended, the statute summary will be automatically updated, but archived statutes will not receive summaries.

Lexis+ AI Can Now Filter by Published vs. Unpublished Cases

Lexis+ AI will now recognize keywords like published/reported and unpublished/unreported in prompts to filter results to only published or unpublished cases within a single turn. Though the publication status filter won't persist across multiple turns yet, you will have more control within a turn to specify filtering published or unpublished cases using these new keyword triggers. 

This is a significant enhancement for jurisdictions where decisions that are not published may not be cited or relied on by a court or party. While we can't completely exclude unpublished opinions in a particular jurisdiction, you now have control to request published opinions in a single turn or a follow up turn.

“Include Related Federal Content” Checkbox Now Available on the Lexis+ AI Jurisdiction Panel

The "Include Related Federal Content" checkbox on the Lexis+ AI jurisdiction panel automatically adds relevant federal courts as filters based on your state selection. This saves you time by incorporating pertinent federal content with just one click, rather than having to manually select individual federal courts that are relevant to your state-specific search. The "Include Related Federal Content" feature is similar to the experience on the Legal Research jurisdictional panel and has been highly requested by Lexis+ AI users.