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22 May 2024 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Lexis+ AI Enhancements

Lexis+ AI has a New Look!

The new design expands the dialog area to fill more of the screen, providing users with a cleaner view to read and engage with AI responses. By removing unused space, the updated home page creates a smoother experience for interacting with Lexis+ AI.

Print, email and download options have been added to Lexis+ AI! Additionally, the copy feature now copies entire conversations, not just the last response.


Lexis+ AI Recent Conversations are now Easier to Navigate and Search 

Two new features are now available to help users quickly find past conversations on Lexis+ AI:

  1. A search filter has been added to locate prompts by title instead of scrolling through all Recent Conversations.
  2. Dated entries were added so users can skim and jump to conversations from a certain timeframe based on when the prompt was entered.