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24 Aug 2022 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Lexis+® Certification Program

The Lexis+® Certification Program and Lexis+® Mastery Program is a three-part course, including assessment, developed by LexisNexis Knowledge & Research Consultants, specifically designed for legal information professionals and legal research & writing faculty.

Badge holders strengthen research skills on Lexis+® with deeper insight into search logic, unique features, and content that improve research outcomes and save time. They gain a deeper understanding of what is different and unique on Lexis+® that can best support research requests and teaching needs. They are also better equipped to address attorney, new associate, faculty, and student questions related to Lexis+® and associated tools.

Session 1, Legal Research on Lexis+®: a deep dive into unique and powerful content, tools, and features that help users research more efficiently. This session covers primary law, secondary sources, and news within the Legal Research category.

Session 2, Practical Guidance and Legal News Hub: an in-depth look at these resources and tools from the viewpoint of both the information professional and the attorney.

Session 3, Litigation Analytics and Brief Analysis: an overview of Litigation Analytics and their value when researching judges, companies, attorneys, law firms, and expert witnesses; plus, the key advantages of Brief Analysis.