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15 Mar 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Lexis+® Fact & Issue Finder Enhancements

Medical Research Search Bar: the integrated search bar helps users find more relevant results when searching for medical content (e.g., Elsevier® ClinicalKey®, medical images and scientific materials)


Once a user runs a search for a medical topic on the search overview page, the search bar will be replaced by 3 tiles representing the above content types.

Subtopic Filters for Custom/Natural Language Searches:
​​ ​​Now when a user runs a natural language search, Fact & Issue Finder will look for the search query entered by the user in the taxonomy topic database and in the case of an exact match, it will display the subtopics of the topic(s). If there is not an exact match, then the user will see the following text: The primary fact or issue entered does not have subtopics associated with it.

Link to Share Search Overview Page
To save time and make research collaboration easier, users will now find a link to share their research results on the Search Overview page.