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2 Feb 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

MLex® Podcasts: What Does 2023 Have in Store?

2023 shapes up as an eventful—but not critical—year for Big Tech in the US


According to Khushita Vasant, MLex® Chief Correspondent for US Antitrust, the year ahead is likely to reveal itself as a mixed bag for tech giants. Whilst Big Tech can expect a big year of policy, litigation and legislation in the US, it’s still unclear whether digital platforms will suffer any significant setbacks in 2023. 

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Enforcement of the EU’s DMA and DSA shapes up as the privacy story of 2023


Matthew Newman, MLex® Chief Correspondent covering Data Privacy and Security from Brussels, explains why the EU’s Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act are likely to dominate our coverage in 2023—with enforcement of these landmark measures coming down to which Big Tech companies are designated as gatekeepers, and what they will need to do to comply.

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More regulatory change is on the 2023 horizon across Southeast Asia


If there’s one thing that Southeast Asian jurisdictions have in common, it’s the rapid pace of regulatory developments. Jakarta-based MLex® Correspondent Jet Damazo-Santos reviews what we can expect in 2023 and how regulators across the region are gearing up for the challenges that lie ahead. 

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