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15 Mar 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

MLex® Special Report: Future Mobility

This must-read Special Report from MLex® brings together original reporting from our Future Mobility journalists on how the convergence of Big Tech and automotive manufacturing is transforming the transport and related industries across the globe—with electrification, digitalization and automation introducing a host of new challenges for governments and regulators as they seek to ensure public safety and security, without creating unnecessary barriers to future mobility.

Download the report now to ensure your organization has the benefit of our unique insights, with stories including:

                             Connectivity and automation are posing the automotive sector questions once parked in the tech world
     Connected cars’ wealth of data draws dispute as some seek access, others privacy
     Automated vehicle industry ups the ante on call for regulatory framework
     Rivalries emerge as nations retool subsidies and industrial policy to future-proof the automotive industry


And check out the related podcast to hear our Sydney-based senior correspondent Laurel Henning tease out the report’s key themes with Jakub Krupa and Xu Yuan, speaking from London and San Francisco respectively.​​​​​