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1 Jun 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

New: Lexis+® More Like This Passage - Case law Recommendations

Researchers who find a relevant passage in a case law opinion and want to find more cases that say something similar will now be able to advance their research from that passage by clicking on the “More Like This Passage” feature on Lexis+®. This feature is particularly helpful when  there may not be a specific headnote on point but there is highly relevant language in the opinion. Now you have a precision search tool to quickly find highly targeted and relevant cases.

Once a user identifies a relevant passage in a case law opinion, they can click on the More Like This Passage icon.

More Like This Passage leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning to surface relevant cases that a keyword search might miss taking precision searching to a new level.

Unlike More Like This Headnote, which runs a new search and displays the associated headnotes/cases in a new results screen, More Like This Passage will display similar passages in a right-side panel (similar to how Recommended Secondary sources works). From there, click a case to open it in a new tab.