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24 Apr 2024 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Recent Lexis+ AI™ Enhancements

Additional Use Cases in Upload and Ask a Legal Question Tasks

The capabilities of the Upload and Ask a Legal Question tasks have been expanded allowing for more advanced tasks. New supported use cases include Compare & Contrast; Identify Arguments; and Find Entities.

Below are prompt examples for each new task:

  • Compare & Contrast  
    • Compare the court's reasoning where negligent entrustment was found to cases where it was not.
    • Compare the statutory authority cited as support for intervention in these cases.
    • Compare different policy arguments for modifying protective orders in these cases.

  • Identify Arguments
    • What arguments were made in support of the Court's Protective quashing subpoenas for VNA medical records? 
    • What is the argument that testamentary capacity existed in Mullin v. Brown?
    • Users can also ask these types of questions of uploaded documents.

  • Find entities
    • Who was the attorney disqualified in Cord v. Smith? 
    • Which Judges authored the opinion in each of these cases?
    • Users can also ask these types of questions of uploaded documents. 

Lexis+ AI™ Answer Streaming

Previously the Lexis+ AI™ response was shown to the user all at once, after the full response and citations were generated. Now, users will see responses streamed in real-time instead of one block of text. This conversational format allows users to interact with the response 50% sooner.