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30 Apr 2024 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Recent Lexis+ AI™ Enhancements

Lexis+ AI has three new enhancements to improve the Ask and Upload capabilities.

Boosted Case Authority:

  • Users want to see the best authority in Lexis+ AI responses to Ask a Legal Question prompts. This enhancement will improve case authority by boosting case citations from higher court level.

Search filter now recognizes case types:

  • Lexis+ AI can now better recognize when users are asking for a civil or criminal case in an Ask or Upload query. This improves results by filtering for the specified case type.

More comprehensive answer across content types:

  • Lexis+ AI Ask now provides a more comprehensive answer by providing content beyond cases and statutes such as Practical Guidance materials and Treatises. Surfacing the most useful primary and secondary sources together provides a fuller, more informative answer and better experience.
    • Example: Can a non-exclusive licensee sue for copyright infringement in the US?