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11 Jun 2024 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

You Can Now Pin Favorite Sources in Lexis+

You now have the ability to pin up to 30 favorite sources and see the last 5 recently viewed sources under the Sources tab. You can utilize this feature to customize sources and make legal research more efficient.

This new pinning functionality allows you to customize the Sources tab in Explore Content with the sources you use most often. Simply click the pin icon next to any source to add it to your pinned list. Your pinned sources will always appear to the right of the Sources tab for one-click access.

Currently, you can add up to 30 sources to your pinned sources list, and the last 5 sources you have accessed will appeared as “Recently Viewed Sources”.

 There are four ways to pin a source:

  1. From the Recently Viewed Sources (see image above) 
  2. From the Table of Contents of a source (Note you can only pin a full source and not a specific section of a source such as a chapter or a volume):

  1. From the View Sources page:

  1. From the Advanced Search of the source:


You can edit and unpin sources and you can move sources up and down on the list by clicking on “Edit”.


At this time, sources you have already saved as “Favorites” will not automatically be added to the pinned sources. You will still see the previously saved sources in favorites.