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6 Sep 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

LexisNexis® InfoPro Weekly Update, September 7, 2023

Product and Practice Area Updates

2023 Fall Librarian Webinar Series – Register Now

NEW Lexis+® Agreement Analysis

CourtLink® Now includes coverage for the United Kingdom’s High Court of Justice in England and Wales

Law360® Pulse's Women In Law Report

Research Tips & Guides

Knowledge and Research Consultant Tip: Cited Law Preview in Cases!

Jackson Lewis, LexisNexis® and TRG Screen Create Automated Docket Retrieval System

LexisNexis® State Net® Legislative Sessions Calendar

Lex Machina® Releases its 2023 Employment Litigation Report

Lexis® Practical Guidance Journal, 2023 Third Edition

LexisNexis® Product Performance and Customer Satisfaction Rates Study

AI Resources:

Trainings & Webinars

Fall Librarian Webinar Series:

10 Powerful Lexis+ Efficiency Best Practices (Sept. 20)   Register Now 

Unveiling the Latest in Lexis+ AI and Prompt Engineering (Oct. 25)   Register Now

Shepard’s Past, Present, and Future (Nov. 15)   Register Now 

Webinars that may be of interest to you and others in your organization:

Generative Artificial Intelligence Current Trends in Practice (Sept. 13)   Register Now 

Zeroing In On Zoning (Sept. 14)   Register Now

A Handy Guide to Drafting and Revising Employee Handbooks (Sept. 15)   Register Now 

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