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Give a Little Bit. Adding to the Incentive Comp Package with Executive Perquisites

March 19, 2024 (3 min read)

Executive perquisites, particularly at public companies, have received significant attention (much of it negative) over the last several years, resulting in many public companies cutting back on the level of benefits offered. Still, perquisites often are featured in executive compensation packages and there is good reason to reference them in executive employment agreements.

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  • Fringe Benefit Rules (IRC § 132)
    Review the rules that result in employees, often at the executive-level, receiving non-cash employee benefits that are free, or taxed below their fair market value. The IRS announced recently, in IR-2024-46, that its Large Business and International Division intends to focus on aircraft usage by large corporations, large partnerships, and high-income taxpayers, investigating whether the use of company-owned/leased jets is being allocated properly between business and personal uses.
  • Executive Employment Agreement Negotiation and Drafting (Pro-executive)
    See how provisions regarding perquisites often are included in executive employment agreements. Common perquisites include a car allowance and/or driver, the ability to travel first-class on longer flights, financial and tax planning at the employer's expense, and employer-paid country club and health club memberships. 

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