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Identity Theft Laws—Jurisdictional Variations

November 17, 2021

Identity theft has become an enormous problem. Practical Guidance has identity theft state law Q&As for all 50 states, plus D.C. These Q&As indicate whether a state has enacted identity theft legislation, describe the conduct that these state laws prohibit, and address state and victims’ remedies. Click below to access the identity theft Q&A for Florida.


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  • Identity Theft State Law Survey
    Access this chart to see an overview of state identity theft laws, including definitions, elements, remedies, penalties, and business obligations relating to identity theft in each state or U.S. territory. 
  • Identity Theft Overview (Federal)
    Check out this practice note for an overview of federal identity theft laws, including laws making identity theft a criminal offense, as well as those related to protecting consumers and victims of identity theft.


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