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Jim Wagstaffe’s Top Tips for Conducting E-Discovery

July 26, 2022 (1 min read)

Within Civil Litigation’s federal content, you can click right into the Wagstaffe Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, like in this practice note on e-discovery best practices.

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  • E-discovery: Planning for and Conducting E-discovery (Federal)
    Learn how to plan and conduct electronic discovery (e-discovery), covering topics such as the Rule 34 requirements, the permitted scope of e-discovery, preparing and responding to a request for ESI, specifying the means of production, metadata issues, cost-shifting, protective orders, spoliation, and sanctions.
  • Metadata in E-discovery (Federal)
    Discover the role of the metadata of ESI in e-discovery, such as legal standards governing metadata, collecting and preserving metadata, negotiating metadata-related issues with opposing counsel, and the loss or alteration of metadata.

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