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Links to Corporate Governance: Law and Practice Guide Available on Practical Guidance

September 20, 2022

LexisNexis® offers the Corporate Governance: Law and Practice Guide for practitioners. With coverage of the history of corporate governance, duties and responsibilities of directors, liability of officers, audit and compliance committee programs, and much more, this guide provides key information on the latest legislative and regulatory developments in corporate governance for financial institutions. Practical Guidance FSR provides links to these guides in our practice note on Corporate Governance in Bank Regulation.

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  • Risk Management and Governance for Large Financial Institutions
    Review this practice note for an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors and senior management, in implementing an effective risk management and corporate governance program as required under the Federal Reserve Consolidated Supervision Framework for Large Financial Institutions.
  • Climate-Related Risk and ESG Considerations for Banking Institutions
    Explore this practice note for emerging developments on governance enhancements set forth in proposed and existing agency rules and regulations, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure and climate-related initiatives applicable to U.S. banking institutions.


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