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Record Retention Policy and Procedure

March 05, 2024 (2 min read)

Conform this template policy and procedure document to your healthcare client’s processes regarding the creation, retention, storage, and disposal of records, including medical records. Provide direction to your client’s workforce and ensure your client maintains its records, including protected health information (PHI), in compliance with federal and state regulations and in a way that protects patient confidentiality and facilitates efficient record management.

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  • HIPAA Health Record Amendment Request
    Use this form to request that an insurer amend your client’s PHI as authorized in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Request amendments regarding any changes made during the previous six years by or on behalf of your plan, and enforce your rights under HIPAA, which requires a group health plan or other covered entity to grant individuals the right to access their PHI, to restrict access by others, to amend incorrect PHI, and to receive an accounting of most PHI disclosures.
  • Disposal of Protected Health Information under HIPAA
    Get up to speed on legal rules and best practices for the disposal of PHI, including electronic PHI, under HIPAA in this practice note from Winston & Strawn LLP partner Susan Nash. Avoid the risk of data breaches through accidental or unauthorized disclosure and safeguard the security and confidentiality of PHI from creation through disposal.
  • Medical Record Retention and Copying Fees State Law Survey
    Gain insight into and compare state laws regarding medical record retention requirements for hospitals and physicians, including how long the records must be kept and in what format. Learn the permissible copying fees that can be charged to patients or others requesting copies of their records.

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