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Ten Reasons to Register Your Trademark

November 17, 2021

Watch this video to learn the many major benefits of federal trademark registration, including nationwide exclusive rights, incontestability, constructive priority, use of the ® symbol, inclusion in the USPTO's database, securing loans, and easier enforcement.


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  • Trademark Registrations: Maintenance and Renewal
    Check out the maintenance and renewal requirements for U.S. trademark registrations, including requirements for filing a Section 8 Declaration, a Section 9 Application for Renewal, and a Section 15 Declaration for a claim of incontestability.
  • Trademark Applications: Drafting the Application
    Review this guidance on drafting and filing U.S. trademark applications. Some of the topics include the application forms available, who may file the application, the identification of goods/services, the filing basis, designation of domestic representatives, and the required declaration.


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