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The World of Copyright Litigation

December 06, 2022

Explore today a suite of new copyright content related to copyright infringement, including claims and defenses. For direct copyright infringement claims, explore topics such as preemption; the elements to establish a claim including ownership, standing and validity; the registration prerequisite for litigation; and how to prove infringement of one or more of the exclusive rights granted to copyright owners.


Further get up to speed on common defenses including statutes of limitations, laches, public domain, lack of copyrightability, independent creation, fair use, de minimis use, and copyright misuse.


Related Content

  • Copyright Infringement Remedies
    Crystallize your damages theories with an overview of civil remedies available for copyright infringement claims under the Federal Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §§ 502–505. Topics include injunctions, various types of monetary relief, impoundment, and disposition/destruction as well as discussing circumstances in which courts have granted and denied each type of relief.
  • Copyright Enforcement Resource Kit
    Explore the wide range of topic offerings related to copyright infringement and enforcement, including resources to aid copyright owners and counsel with pre-suit preparation and analysis, and in drafting a district court complaint for copyright infringement.

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