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Enhancing Search for In-House Counsel with Lexis+ AI

November 17, 2023 (1 min read)

In a recent survey, LexisNexis® found that many in-house counsel look forward to a future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will improve their workflow.

Lexis+ AI™ eliminates hours of manual searching and provides corporate attorneys with instant access to vast volumes of legal content. It enables in-house counsel to uncover invaluable insights in seconds, allowing for more time to be spent on on high-value projects.

Simplify Complex Q&A

In-house counsel often faces multifaceted legal questions and must find answers quickly and efficiently.

Using Lexis+ AI, in-house counsel can access legal knowledge and find solutions quickly by changing the way corporate attorneys approach complex Q&A sessions. It provides valuable assistance by swiftly processing complicated legal issues, principles or procedural questions. This transformative, conversational search technology streamlines the process, ensuring rapid access to crucial legal insights.

Examples of questions Lexis+ AI could assist corporate attorneys with include:

  • What are best practices for drafting an employment contract?
  • Is there a Practical Guidance document that outlines key data privacy regulations?
  • What template can I use to draft a cease a desist letter for a former employee?

Maintain Compliance with Current Statutes

Identifying and staying current with the latest statutes is a fundamental responsibility of in-house counsel. Corporate attorneys must be aware of the latest legislation to ensure compliance and to proactively assess potential risks.

Lexis+ AI can assist in legal research to easily identify current statutes by quickly analyzing vast legal databases and provide concise summaries.

Create Clarity for Ambiguous Language Interpretation

From supporting proactive risk management to ensuring consistent understanding across your organization, breaking down and understanding complexity plays a crucial role for in-house counsel.

Lexis+ AI can provide support for nuanced interpretation, like of terms of art. Corporate attorneys can quickly analyze extensive legal literature and gain concise, contextually accurate insights, allowing for quick application of specialized expertise where needed.

Explore the benefits of Lexis+ AI

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