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Product Spotlight: Lexis+® – A New Experience for Litigators

April 12, 2023 (2 min read)

This post was originally published in September 2020 and was updated in April 2023. 

When it comes to being efficient with time and resources, litigators from small law firms must generally be a bit more adaptive than those from larger firms. For this reason, small law firm litigators are no strangers to AI and machine learning. Why? Because many of them operate solo or with minimal staff, so they must rely heavily on those tools to propel them through arduous, time-consuming pre-trial phases like discovery. Simply put, small firm litigators are resourceful and scrappy.

To that end, small firm litigators in particular can benefit from Lexis+: it's built for speed, streamlining the research process and cutting down on the time it takes to search. Litigators everywhere know how critical it is to minimize research time and gather evidence for a case—the less time it takes to gather background information, the more time you have to focus on building a winning argument. 

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Here are some Lexis+ features designed to help litigators research more efficiently. 

1. Shepard’s® At Risk

Shepard's At Risk, available only on Lexis+, identifies cases at risk of being overturned. The At Risk indicator lets attorneys know the case relies on underlying points of law that have been negatively treated by other decisions in the same jurisdiction. This can help save litigators hours of time searching for other decisions that may affect a case and avoid weakly constructed arguments built on decisions that may soon be overturned. 

2. Brief Analysis

Brief Analysis uses machine learning to scan your or opposing counsel's document. After scanning the document, the interactive dashboard provides recommendations of cases, secondary content, and similar briefs that may be relevant to your research and drafting. Integrated with Shepard's, attorneys can also validate citations and quickly see if a case has been overturned. 

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3. Litigation Analytics  

Litigation Analytics provides all the information necessary for attorneys to make data-driven decisions about their cases. Search for a judge, court, or opposing counsel and get valuable information like time to key events, case type history, and damages. Litigation Analytics provides valuable insight that can help improve an attorney's likelihood of success. 

4. Lexis Answers 

Lexis Answers resolves legal issues with ease by providing concise answers to legal questions. Enter a question on the Lexis+ homepage and Answers will generate an answer to the question, citing to case law, secondary content, and more to support the answer. Lexis Answers also includes Recommended Questions, ensuring you never overlook an issue. 

5. Lexis+® Pinpoint

Lexis+ Pinpoint, formerly Fact & Issue Finder, now included with Lexis+, is designed to help litigators quickly find resources pertinent to the issues, topics, and facts specific to their case. With the interactive dashboard that displays results across all relevant content types, attorneys can be sure that no stone is left unturned. Easily conduct case research, dive into specialty content like patents, property records, or medical journals, find similar verdicts and settlements, or start expert research all within Pinpoint. 

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The Lexis+ platform provides an all-in-one research experience design with the litigator's workflow in mind. Ready to try Lexis+? 

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