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Feature Spotlight: Practical Guidance® Tax

June 29, 2020

Fuel Your Tax Law Practice with Vital Practical Guidance and a Trove of Legal Resources.

It’s no secret that tax law is constantly in flux. And every election cycle brings potential changes to federal, state and local tax codes. To further complicate things, external pressures (like recessions and pandemics) tend to amplify calls for tax reform.

So, how does a hard-working tax law attorney like you stay on top of it all?

To answer that question, LexisNexis® devotes an entire practice area within Practical Guidance solely to tax matters. It’s packed with practice notes, annotated forms, checklists, articles on current tax issues, international tax Q&As, 50-state tax surveys and more, covering a broad spectrum of taxation topics.

Note: Practical Guidance Tax is a different resource than the Lexis® Tax service. Specifically, Practical Guidance Tax is designed to complement the comprehensive primary and secondary tax research that you can perform with Lexis or Lexis Tax. You can find more information on Lexis Tax here.

If you’re not familiar with Practical Guidance, click here for the Practical Guidance Product Spotlight.

Not only does the content within Practical Guidance Tax help you stay current and understand highly technical tax concepts, it also allows you to build knowledge quickly on new or unfamiliar topics. That means you’ll be able to cover more ground and potentially avoid turning prospective clients away.

And, since all this tax practical guidance is in one place, you won’t waste time jumping around to other sources to pull together the content you need to complete your tax-related legal tasks.

Extensive Coverage Across a Range of Tax Topics

Practical Guidance Tax provides practical guidance on tax matters at the federal, international, state and local levels. That includes detailed guidance on recent tax legislation, IRS/Treasury regulations, and guidance on tax controversies. You can explore more than 40 multistate surveys on specific issues that provide reference to laws in all 50 states. Plus, you’ll also have access to over 75 country-specific Q&A documents analyzing foreign tax laws and systems in those countries, many of which were written by tax attorneys practicing in these countries.

Speaking of attorneys, the exclusive materials in Practical Guidance Tax come from a team of top tax lawyers. Learn from their experience on matters like tax compliance, audits and litigation.

From business entity and employment tax concerns to real estate, securities and individual tax matters, Practical Guidance Tax equips you with the know-how to tackle whatever tax issues your clients bring through your firm’s door.


The phrase “practice guidance” is a bit nebulous, right? To help you understand what we’re talking about, here are a few examples of the resources you’ll find inside Practical Guidance Tax:

Practice Notes. Get valuable insight on specific tax issues and jurisdictions written by experienced attorney authors. There are well over 400 practice notes within Practical Guidance Tax.

• Annotated Forms. Obtain valuable template tax forms with drafting notes and alternate & optional clauses. Practical Guidance Tax offers over 100 annotated forms.

• Checklists. Receive key information practitioners need to know to complete a tax-related legal task or to apply a complex tax law or regulation. Practical Guidance Tax offers over 100 checklists.

• Resource Kits. Access dedicated kits that pack in vital practical guidance on key tax topics, such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Tax Controversies—all in one handy place.

Work Faster with Seamless Integration

If you’re already a Lexis or Lexis Tax user, you’ll really like this next part: Practical Guidance Tax works hand-in-hand with Lexis Tax. In fact, many of the documents and resources found within Practical Guidance Tax contain links to content inside Lexis and Lexis Tax. That means you’ll get access to over 1,400 Lexis tax primary and secondary sources too—often with a single click.

Get a Closer Look

Does all this tax content sound interesting? Are you finding it tough to understand complex tax concepts, laws and regulations, or to stay up to date with key tax legal developments?


Start exploring the Practical Guidance Tax resources