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Obtain Fast Insights into Complex Legal Issues with Legal AI Summarization Tool

April 24, 2024 (4 min read)

By: Liz Christman 

The practice of law revolves around the interpretation of complex documents, which can be tedious and time-consuming. But what if there was a tool that could quickly summarize these documents and provide fast insights into complex legal issues?"

A variety of innovations in computer-assisted legal research over the past few decades have eased the burden of summarizing complex documents, but the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) technology may well be the breakthrough that lawyers have been waiting for since the first book of case law was published.

Value of a Legal AI Summarization Tool 

Legal AI products — Gen AI tools trained for the legal profession — transform the way that lawyers can gather legal research, draft legal documents and summarize legal information.

The value of using a Legal AI product as a summarization tool is that legal professionals are able to condense volumes of text into succinct summaries. This saves a significant amount of time by providing the information you need to quickly comprehend the key points and central ideas of lengthy documents.

A Legal AI summarization tool leverages the power of large language models and utilizes algorithms to scrutinize a document’s content, identify essential information and generate summaries that capture the essence of the original text. The tool achieves this by doing the following:

  • Swiftly scanning through extensive case law, statutes, regulations and legal opinions;
  • Extracting key arguments, relevant procedures and critical insights;
  • Employing advanced language models and contextual understanding to ensure the generated content accurately reflects the nuances and intricacies of legal texts; and
  • Providing a concise summary that facilities informed decision-making.

By automating the review and summarization of legal research and other documents, a Legal AI summarization tool enables lawyers to focus their time and energy on other critical tasks, such as case analysis, legal strategy and client consultation.

Key Features in a Legal AI Summarization Tool

The best Legal AI tools will offer a few key features that ensure precise, efficient and responsible summarization of documents.

First, the tool should offer consistent and accurate content to provide users with the confidence needed to rely on the summary in their legal tasks. Users should validate all content generated by AI, but Legal AI tools that have been developed for the legal market have been trained to minimize hallucinations and to extract key information attorney customers need to complete important tasks in their workflow.

Second, it should deliver seamless integration with your existing legal workflow and tools. Look for a solution that can be easily integrated into your preferred legal research platform and document management system, allowing you to streamline your workflow without any disruptions.

Third, the tool should offer secure and confidential handling of sensitive legal documents so you can be assured that data security is paramount. Robust security measures must be in place to safeguard your sensitive information, such as encryption, access controls and data privacy compliance guardrails.

Fourth, it should be presented in a user-friendly interface for easy adoption and usage. Legal professionals of all skill levels must be able to quickly grasp and use the tool so make sure the product looks and feels intuitive.

Lexis+ AI™: A Responsible Legal AI Summarization Tool

Lexis+ AI is our breakthrough Gen AI platform that we believe will transform legal work by providing a suite of legal research, drafting and summarization tools that delivers on the potential of Gen AI technology.

Legal professionals and industry observers have quickly identified the capabilities of the Lexis+ AI platform as a responsible Legal AI summarization tool. Early adopters of the product reported tremendous efficiency gains in their day-to-day workflow, with 88% of users reporting they saved up to seven hours per week using Lexis+ AI to summarize case law.

“Attorneys are frequently called upon to have a working understanding of different cases relevant to their work, often while under a strict time constraint,” reported Above The Law in a January 2024 article. “Lexis+ AI’s ‘summarize a case’ capability provides users with succinct, accurate overviews of specific cases, offering a way to quickly gain an understanding of an important case. To prompt this output, users need only provide the citation or case name.”

The site noted that summaries from Lexis+ AI included a range of information, including key legal holdings, a list of relevant material facts, controlling law, the rationale of the court and the outcome of the case. All case summaries generated by Legal AI are clearly marked with a large, purple label for users to easily identify and quickly review.

Lexis+ AI also provides summaries of users’ uploaded documents through a secure process. Users can simply upload up to 10 legal documents, such as a contract, court filing, or discovery document and get a quick summary of the important topics and legal issues found in each document. Users can then follow up with additional questions about their documents to get more insights from the Lexis+ AI Assistant.

Click here to view a short video explaining how Lexis+ AI helps legal professionals gain fast insights into complex legal issues.

Lexis+ AI pairs our unsurpassed legal content with breakthrough Gen AI technology in a way that redefines the way that legal research is conducted and legal work product is created. Its answers are grounded in the world’s largest repository of accurate and exclusive legal content from LexisNexis with industry-leading data security and attention to privacy.

To learn more, view a video demonstration or request a free trial of Lexis+ AI, please go to