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Product Spotlight: The Lexis® Service

April 17, 2023 (3 min read)

This post was originally published in April 2019 and was updated in April 2023. 

It’s critical to use the right online legal research tools to help you conduct thorough legal analysis, answer legal questions and increase productivity.

But what tools work best for lawyers? Using the advance search engine technology offered by the Lexis® service, along with its extensive online legal library of case law, you can efficiently search through primary sources such as cases and statutes as well as authoritative secondary sources. 

What is the Lexis Online Legal Research Service?

Put simply, Lexis is an online resource that enhances your legal research skills by letting you scour a massive online law library of case law and other valuable legal content. The Lexis service offers plenty of advantages over the other options available to attorneys and other legal professionals. Think of it like a legal writing and research workflow assistant that you can take anywhere, thanks to the Lexis mobile app.

But its value goes far beyond mere content and portability—here’s why.

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Use Leading-Edge Legal Analytics Technology

Leveraging technologies that once were considered science fiction, LexisNexis is revolutionizing the legal industry. Savvy lawyers are already harnessing legal analytics to research more effectively and gain insight that’s never been seen in a courtroom before.

The Lexis service packs plenty of state-of-the-art legal analytics capabilities. Take the Ravel™ View feature for instance. It helps you spot trends and understand the law better than ever before with intuitive language analytics and visualization tools.

Perform Faster, More Thorough Searches

Conduct a more powerful search when you incorporate the machine-learning power and intuitive visualization tools within the Lexis service.

Search Term Maps

Easily scan down your search results page to find exactly what you’re looking for using Search Term Maps. This powerful visualization tool inside the Lexis online legal research service uses a straightforward color-coding scheme.

More Like This Headnote

Quickly see what areas of law are discussed in the case and find similar cases with More Like This Headnote. This feature runs a search for similar cases in your jurisdiction and filters providing you with a curated list of other cases that may benefit your research.

Find and Use Good Law

Build your strategy on solid legal footing. Shepard’s® Citations Service, one of the industry’s most trusted legal citator, is built in to the Lexis online legal research service—and is exclusively available with LexisNexis.

Shepard’s case cards

Get a case’s Shepard’s treatment and most-cited headnotes right on your search results screen.

Shepard’s Signal™ indicators on LexisNexis® Headnotes

Validate points of law faster by seeing the Shepard’s treatment for a specific issue without leaving your full-text case.

Learn More About Shepard's

Stay Current with Alerts

The law can change quickly. In this short video, you'll learn how to set alerts in Lexis and stay current with breaking legal updates.  

Using the Ravel™ View Visualization Tool

Instead of rows of text, the Ravel View in Lexis turns your search results into an intuitive, color-coded chart. 

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